1. JenPirante

    Christmas Tag

    Hey everyone! I did the Christmas Tag because it's well... Christmas and a lot of time off from school and work means extra time to make videos. Enjoy!!
  2. C

    ☻ Crave & T The Xmas Special - Clips Of 2015 ☻

  3. Oparer

    Christmas Special Videos!? Are they a thing people do?

    Recently I did a bunch of Christmas Special Videos on my channel in build up to Christmas, since, it's a pretty big Holiday I would think. But going through my feed I noticed not many of the people I'm subscribed too have done Christmas Specials? Is there a reason for this? Is this something...
  4. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Ridiculous Christmas Horror Movies

  5. thumbhais


    Hello my fellow Youtubers, It's my birthday! Yay! And for that reason, I made it a priority to get this video out ASAP. Not bad for about 10 hours worth of editing lol. Please let me know what you think and keep the discussion going! Do you hate Christmas? :)
  6. Juzey

    The awkwardness of giving Christmas presents

    The festive season is great, but it does bring its share of awkward moments...
  7. PinProject

    Christmas related videos - how are they doing?

    I generally post a few videos around each holiday to help boost up my views and usually one of those videos does really well and all is good. This year I made a couple of videos and the views aren't picking up! My christmas vidoes from last year are picking up really well not gonna complain, but...
  8. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Christmas Trees You Don't Want

    As we get close to Christmas, please enjoy this top 10 list of unwanted Christmas trees!
  9. Zach S.

    A Skyrim Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Well, I guess technically not yet :p Today we get to bring our jolly Christmas spirit to the fine looking citizens of Skyrim! Join me, Zapps, as we go off track for a video to have fun wishing all the merry people of Tamriel a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Disclaimer : Some...
  10. Around The World

    15 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas

  11. Around The World

    15 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas

  12. darkstarmedia

    MURDER AT CHRISTMAS?! | A Christmas History!

    What, you thought Christmas was always this wholesome and jolly? Find out the rather bloody truth behind our favourite holiday and how it came to be what it is today:
  13. Christiney92

    Christmas Story for my Youtube hero

    My latest video is a Christmas story for my YouTube and Filmmaker hero Sarah Rotella from the Gay Women Channel. I hope you enjoy it :)
  14. MTC Mike

    It's coming!!! An early Christmas gift to kick off the holiday!

  15. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Creepiest Christmas Legends

    Let's start the holiday season off right, shall we?
  16. Rehannah

    Thoughts on Singers/Songwriters on YouTube

    So what do you all think about the YouTubers that do YouTube covers and get famous? Or what about the ones that aren't famous yet? What do you all suggest they do? What about those who think they aren't good enough and therefore don't put up anymore videos? Also do you all know any sites to get...
  17. Stoobs


    Hey guys! So I'm feeling festive, what about you?!? We got the house all done up and saw the lights get turned on! This is more a vlog than anything else! Unusual for me!
  18. A

    Request Anyone want to make me a Christmas Intro?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anyone willing to make me a free Christmas intro. If you are interested email me @ for more details :)