1. Jamie Taylor

    Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For Inbetween TV Show Narration

    Hello guys, I'm looking for someone who has the ability to mimic the voices of people who (used too) narrate bumpers and breaks of tv shows. I'm creating a network and want to capture that vibe. Please message below if you below you have the voice I'm looking for.
  2. K

    I need help

    Anyone can teach me make these videos watch?v=ot4v0hJhBGU watch?v=73vMgzZ3ATs
  3. Cartoons Cartoons

    Voice Acting Voice Actor for the role of Toshi for our web series, Warriors of Yokohama

    We recently uploaded our web series which you can view below. Although the first episode is short, the second is planned to be a minute at least. We are seeking a male or female/anyone who can impersonate a female voice. We would like you to be sort of dry in humor and tone such as Mandy from...
  4. Chase The Vase

    I MADE IT TO 100!!!!!

    I'm super excited to be in the triple digits :wub::inlove: I've been through multiple channels before and I've gotten to this point, however this time is really special to me!!! I've put in more work than ever, and I am getting interaction with my videos and everything is just going groovily...
  5. AM2PM

    Farting Girl Superhero - Capt Beans Ep 1: Farts Hurt

  6. Chase The Vase

    Other FREE SHOUTOUT!!!

    Before I waste your time, I only have 8 subscribers so you won’t get much exposure from me, but a shout out is a shout out right? And you don’t have to do anything. Basically, in one of my upcoming videos, I’ll be analyzing someone’s channel art and pointing out all the pros of it (No cons). So...
  7. R

    Finished/Closed Need Channel art, Logo, and Avatar! Will Pay

    I have a few ideas and are fairly simple. Need an experienced artist to create for my new YT channel. Message me on here or email me at if interested. Thank you!
  8. FaPN

    Why am I still getting copyrights alerts on my videos while I'm doing parodies ?

    Hey guys I create parodies using Tom and Jerry videos and everytime I upload a video I get a copyright claim ( from WBTV the owners of Tom and Jerry TV ) . I know that uploading cartoon videos ( which belong to big companies ) is not allowed on youtube but I'm making parodies so it's a fair use...
  9. Courtney Candice

    Remembering my childhood 90s cartoons

  10. Breana


    Hey! My name is Breana, im 17 and i do graphics if your in need of some channel art I got you!! best way to contact me is to through twitter @ChickGraphik or my instagram @Chick.Graphik, I can do a cartoon of you for a logo or just cause, i can make banners, simple ones or ones with more detail...
  11. Buck

    Request Looking for cartoon/comic artist for YT banner and Avatar. (paid)

    Hi There, I am looking to sort of brand my channel a little bit. I am aiming to find a comic/cartoon style artist to draw a few cartoon/comic images of me so I can work them into my avatar and YouTube Banner. If you are interested let me know and show me previous work, I will get back to...
  12. poogius

    Need feedback on our animated comedy!

    Hello everybody, me and a friend have been working on a animated comedy series, we are very happy with this episode as it is far greater than our first but still we could improve! Please give feedback on whether its funny or entertaining, if not what could we do to make it funnier and more...
  13. anNiallation

    Lyons Tea VS Barry's Tea| ANIMATED SHORT

  14. anNiallation

    The a**e Tree (ANIMATED SHORT)

  15. anNiallation

    The a** Tree (ANIMATED SHORT)

    Please share with your friends and don't forget to subscribe for more! It would really help me out!
  16. PunchbowlGaming

    Request LF illustrator for Cartoon Headshots of our Members Will Pay

    Hi all! I am once again looking for someone who can make our members into cartoon drawings. We were using someone else but they have not delivered. So what we would like is 6 images (one of each member) from head to chest height. We would like them cartoony and each as a separate file with no...
  17. anNiallation

    Every Woman When They See A Baby!

  18. anNiallation

    Every Irish Woman When They See A Baby!

  19. anNiallation

    Every Irish Woman When They See A Baby!

  20. Digital Puppets

    Services Live Cartoon YouTube Presenters

    Digital Puppets My Animation studio has started a new service Creating Digital Puppets that can be used to present shows on your youtube channels. Using Adobe Character Animator we are offering to supply Fully rigged Custom Cartoon designs that you can animate yourself using a webcam, these...
  21. anNiallation

    That One Time I Did A Poo-Poo In The Urinal...

    An animation based on a very embarrassing situation that happened to me when I was in America 6 months ago. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe, would really appreciate it (or don't, can't make you do anything...). So much more content coming. Currently educating myself in the art of 2D...
  22. anNiallation

    s**t In The Urinal

    An animation based on a very embarresing situation that happened to me when I was in America 6 months ago. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe, would really appreciate it (or don't, can't make you do anything...). So much more content coming. Currently educating myself in the art of 2D...
  23. Keelxn

    Request Looking for Minecraft banner & Icon.

    Payment: I will pay you money via PayPal. The price will be determined on how in depth your work is. I would like to see your work before I even think about purchasing from you. Details: Now, I am looking for minecraft channel art. I would like it to be like a cartoon style. Here is an example...
  24. Cromartie

    Voice Acting Seeking Tons of Voice Actresses and Female Singers for 10K Milestone

    Hey again all. Being as I'm an independent animator, I'm starting the work on my 10K special super early despite being 3,000 away from the milestone. I want to do a big celebration special for my channel featuring all of the most popular characters on it and am seeking people to fill the roles...
  25. Johnny_Seagull


    Check out this brand NEW ANIME 2016 about an unnamed space captain who is on a quest to find and rescue his year 12 class, who were abducted by an alien warlord. Yes well this is probably the dumbest thing I've made in a good while.
  26. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  27. Tabbes

    Presentation Struggles

  28. Shoesy

    Request Looking for some channel art similar to slogomans, willing to pay (see image attached)

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for somebody who's very good at drawing cartoons on a PC, to help me out with a channel banner. I'd like it in the style of the attached image however I'll go into more details when we speak. So long as I'm happy with the banner I'm more than willing to come to an...
  29. tlegacytv

    My Thoughts on Public Transportation | TlegacyTV

    If any of you guys have ever had the pleasure of using public transportation than I am sorry for you too. You are not alone. Many others suffer just like us and I would like to give my honest opinion on public transportation in this animated video. It might seem convenient on the surface but...
  30. thegeekyinformant

    Nerdwriter-esque Analysis! BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!

    Hello guys! Any of you familiar with Nerdwriter? If not I suggest you look him up, he posts analysis/essay videos and was my ultimate inspiration towards making my own YouTube channel. He created an analysis video on the TV show "Ren and Stimpy" a while back, and this led me to create a...