Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For Inbetween TV Show Narration

Jamie Taylor

I've Got It
Hello guys, I'm looking for someone who has the ability to mimic the voices of people who (used too) narrate bumpers and breaks of tv shows. I'm creating a network and want to capture that vibe. Please message below if you below you have the voice I'm looking for.
Hello. Do you mean like a continuity person on television. ie, "Coming up next we have blah blah blah" or something else? I do some recording work for my job and there is a pretty decent recording studio there. I am far from an expert though, and I may not have the right voice but I could send you some things for fun if you like.
Just say these lines here:
"Coming Up Next It's The Looney Tunes on SWEET."
"You're Watching: Dragon Ball Z, Up Next: Bleach, Later: A Brand New Episode Of Boruto. You're Watching SWEET"
OK. I'll try and get these done today. Like I say, I'm not a trained voice actor or anything like that but I'll try it a few different ways.