1. EpicCrusher

    Something I could do better on my channel?

    Hi I have almost just started my channel EpicCrusher, uploading first video soon.. So I just wanted to ask if some of you could give me honest answer on how you think my channel is? something I missing or has done wrong? Something I can do better? Thanks! Best regards EpicCrusher
  2. Samira

    Before posting your link on Facebook

    Hey Guys, I hope this helps you guys. You might have heard that Facebook doesn't like Youtube links and prefers native uploads. Now I recently received a book on the topic of Youtube and in said book was the tip on how to post your youtube links to Facebook. Using the site: yt2fb (I'm not...
  3. The_Laughing_Ghost

    Davinci or Blender

    So I have been using blender to edit videos from the beginning, but I have seen a few videos about davinci and it looks cool If you have used both which is better. What was easier to learn. I picked up Blender pretty quick but I like the interface of Davinci.
  4. AllVisuals4U

    Titles too long?

    Can video titles be too long? Or does this make little difference.. Example: is: 'SOFTWARE' - 'SUBCATEGORY' - HOW TO ...? much better than: TUTORIALS - 'SOFTWARE' - 'SUBCATEGORY' - HOW TO ...? The second title is a bit longer. Thanks in advance!
  5. MisterJDiggidy

    Are You A Fan Of How YouTube Has Changed?

    Personally, I liked it the way the website looked a lot better before than what it looks like now. I don't know how to explain it, but now it seems a little too Google-like for me. I liked it better when it had a light gray theme and square profile pictures, and more customization to how...
  6. HighSocietyGaming

    Thumbnail Feedback

    Thanks! I have asked a few of my friends what they think about my thumbnails and they think they look great, but since they are my friends, I have no idea if they may be just a little biased. I am implementing something new to my thumbnails every now and then, but so far what does everyone...
  7. O

    Keywords optimization

    Hi My channel is slowly moving forward but I want to boost it also in order to make a higher income per month I have posted a lot of videos so far but I am not getting any subs only views. So I tried looking for ways to up my traffic and I saw you can hire a professional to search for better...
  8. FlubADubh

    How do I get better at commentating while recording!!??

    My channel is newish and i have trouble trying to commentate like Captainsparklez or Ashdubh I know I'm only just beginning but i need some tips on how to be a better commentator. Thank you for the help.
  9. The Enterprise

    How to Increase Audio Quality?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on YTtalk! Almost two weeks ago I released my first video on my channel, The Enterprise, and, among other things that need improvement, audio quality is lacking in my opinion. How would I go about making my audio sound more professional? My setup is a...