1. ApexTV

    500,000 Subscribers!

    Hey YTTalk, sooo nice to make another post on here. It's been so long. So I've been on here for a long time. I've been on this forum since before I even started this YouTube channel (ApexTV.) I used to make milestone announcements on here saying that my all time goal was to hit 100K subscribers...
  2. ApexTV

    Other Collab With a 188,000 Subscriber Channel

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for people to collab with. My channel makes videos about the paranormal and mysterious. I'm looking for someone who can make content for my channel, and it return you can have a shoutout on my channel and I will link your channel in the description. Looking for someone...
  3. ApexTV

    Got The Silver Play Button!

    Hello good people of YTTalk! Earlier today, I received the silver play button from YouTube in the mail! My channel reached 100,000 subscribers back in March, so this award took 3 months to arrive. This isn't too bad, considering I've heard it taking much longer for other creators. Here it is...
  4. ApexTV

    100,000 Subscribers and 48 Million Views!

    Hello once again good people of YTTalk. I've been posting my channel's milestones on here since 700 subscribers. Back then, which was only a little over a year ago, I made the all-time goal to get 100,000 subscribers. I really never thought this was realistic as I was only getting a couple...
  5. ApexTV

    60,000 Subscribers and 30 Million Views!

    Hello good people of YTTalk! We our glad to announce that our YouTube channel has reached 60,000 subscribers and a total of over 30 million views across all our videos. This is fantastic news, considering we have been active on YouTube for over two years and are glad to finally see some...
  6. ApexTV

    50,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Halfway to 100K

    Hello everyone at YTTalk! I just checked today and my YouTube channel has just reached 50,000 subscribers and a total of over 27,000,000 views. I have been making videos on YouTube for over two years now and cannot believe how much my channel has grown. I remember struggling to reach 100...
  7. ApexTV

    40,000 Subscribers!

    Hello everyone at YTTalk, it's been a few months since I have posted my last milestone on here. As of this writing, my YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers and I'm so happy! I started this channel nearly two years ago and am astounded by how much it grew. I posted videos regularly for...
  8. ApexTV

    20,000 Subscribers, 10 Million Views!

    Hi everybody here on YTTalk! It's been a while since my last milestone announcement (10K Subs) and I can't believe that my subscriber count has doubled since then. I'm overflowing with happiness! :) I started my YouTube channel is November of 2014 and I learned that if you post videos regularly...
  9. ApexTV

    Mermaids Caught on Tape by DRONE

    This drone footage has been featured in many YouTube videos that claim it shows real mermaids caught on tape. These videos make the claim that the humanoid figures seen swimming in the footage are mermaids that have been caught on tape by the drone. Some people have gone as far as to say that...
  10. ApexTV

    How to Get 1 Million Views on a Single Video

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you how I managed to get over 1.5 million views on my most popular video. It isn't as hard as a lot of people assume it to be. Find a Trending Topic The first step is to make a video on a topic that is trending. Also, make sure that the trending topic...
  11. ApexTV

    10 Million Minutes of Watch Time & 5 Million Views

    Hello people of YTTalk! How are you today? I would just like to announce that my channel has achieved a whopping 10 million minutes of watch time. This equates to over 19 years and 70 days worth of watch time. Needless to say, my channel isn't even close to being 19 years old, so this means it's...
  12. ApexTV

    Should I Upload Videos Everyday?

    I made a post a few days ago on YTTalk, and in that post I mentioned that it is a good idea to attempt to upload videos regularly. A lot of people responded saying that it is a bad idea to upload videos everyday, and many proclaimed that it just isn't possible to upload quality content everyday...
  13. ApexTV


    An alien was caught on camera inside a garbage can in the southern United States. The photo, which was sent to us by the woman who took them, shows an alien looking out of a garbage bin. Due to it's appearance, many have claimed that the creature depicts that of a grey alien. Grey aliens are the...
  14. ApexTV

    Voice Acting At 10K Subs and NEED a Voice Actor

    Hello people of YTTalk! My channel ApexTV is currently at 10,000 subscribers and is in need of a voice actor. Most of our videos consist of only text and we thought it would be good to have a voice narrate the video. If you want to narrate some videos that will be seen by thousands of people and...
  15. ApexTV

    10,000 Subscribers!

    I can't believe my channel has finally hit 10,000 subscribers! I started ApexTV in November of 2014 and began uploading all the random videos I made. From the Wright Brothers to life hacks, I used to make videos about anything and everything. I also noticed that I was gaining little subscribers...
  16. ApexTV

    9,000 Subscribers!!!

    I just made a post on YTTalk about getting 8,000 subscribers and cannot believe that it's already up to 9,000! I've been checking the real-time subscriber count for my channel every couple minutes for the last hour, and now it has finally reached 9K! Running my channel, I have noticed that the...
  17. ApexTV

    8,000 Subs and 4 Million Views!

    I would first like to thank YTTalk for all the insightful information regarding YouTube. That being said, it's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise, I consider it a challenge before the whole human race, And I ain't gonna lose. :dance::bounce::bounce::bounce: On a more serious note, the...
  18. ApexTV

    WOW!!! 7,000 Subscribers!

    Who would have thought that this channel would have gotten to 7,000 total subscribers and almost 4 million total views!? It's almost to 10,000 subs! I'd just like to thank the YTTalk community for all the insight when it comes to gaining subscribers!
  19. ApexTV

    5,000 Subscribers!

    Wow! Just a couple of days ago I was celebrating 4,000 subscribers! Now it's up to 5,000! Thank you YTTalk community for all the valuable YouTube information! :thanksthumbs: :woohoo!:
  20. ApexTV

    4,000 Subscribers!

    Growth on my channel, ApexTV, is currently very rapid and it managed to reach a whopping 4,000 subscribers a few days ago. I attribute this rapid growth to a video on my channel that recently went viral. It goes to show how much just a single video's success can impact your overall channel's...
  21. ApexTV

    2 Million Views!

    ApexTV just hit 2 million views! I remember posting a thread not that long ago celebrating the first million views my channel had acquired, now it's double that! :) I will continue to keep making videos and gaining more views as now I know it is possible for absolutely anyone to do this. If you...
  22. ApexTV

    3,000 Subscribers!

    My channel ApexTV just hit 3,000 subscribers a few days ago and I think this is a significant milestone. The recent sudden increase in subscribers (almost 100 subscribers a day) has been due to one of my recent videos going viral. It showed me that having a single video get almost 200,000 views...
  23. ApexTV

    1,000,000 Views, Incredible (One MILLION)

    Today, February 12, 2015, marks the day that my channel ApexTV hit 1,000,000 total video views. One million views. This is incredible, as it was my all-time goal for YouTube in terms of views. It really is an amazing feeling to have hit one of your all-time goals. I still haven't met my...
  24. ApexTV

    2,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Wow!

    I'm proud to say that my channel ApexTV has hit 2,000 subscribers! I'm incredibly overjoyed by the thought of something I made having been subscribed to by over 2,000 people! My advice would be to stick with it no matter what, because it really is an amazing feeling getting this far! The...
  25. ApexTV

    1,900 Subscribers and 900,000 Views

    A few days ago my YouTube channel ApexTV hit an incredible 1,900 subscribers and has amassed a total of 900,000 views. This is completely amazing as my all time goal for YouTube in terms of views is one million, and I'm almost there. It is also astonishing that ApexTV almost has a total of 2,000...
  26. ApexTV

    Got any Top 10 Video Ideas?

    Hello YTTalk, we are running a little short on top 10 video ideas and would love to hear what you guys come up with. Our channel, ApexTV, makes countdown vids and would like to create some new top 10 videos so thanks in advance! The video ideas don't have to be original
  27. ApexTV

    1,700 subscribers and 800,000 views !

    Today my channel ApexTV just hit 1,700 subscribers along with an outstanding 800,000 views. I started ApexTV on November 17, 2014. I'm very grateful to have gotten this far, but have some big plans for ApexTV. My current goal is to get 100,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views and everyday get a...
  28. ApexTV

    700,000 Views and 1,500 Subscribers!

    This month ApexTV hit 700,000 total views and 1,500 subscribers. This is just one milestone on our way to our current goal of getting 1,000,000 views and 100,000 subscribers. Our channel, ApexTV, was started on November 17, 2014 and is a little over one year old. We have been a YTTalk member for...
  29. ApexTV


    ApexTV recently hit 500,000 views! That's half of one million! To celebrate, we are looking for another YouTube channel that make's top 10 or top 5 videos to collab with. We are very happy to get to 500,000 views, but soon hope to get 1,000,000!