1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Add End Cards To YouTube Videos

  2. M

    Endscreen annotations on mobile?

    Hey everyone I just uploaded a video and added the newly featured endscreen to it (which I was told works on the youtube app as well), apparently that's not so, as the end screen annotations are not showing up when I watch the video on my phone :unsure: Was I misled when I was told that it also...
  3. GamingwithNick

    Hot Topic New YouTube end screen **all discussion here**

    Are any of you excited for this new feature? I personally feel like it is a simple and easy way to add video links to the end of your videos. I'm too lazy to make and edit in a video card for every video since I upload daily and a my avg view length is around 2-3 minutes (majority doesn't make...
  4. R

    How do you make clickable subscribe button? (End Card)

    I'm kinda new to you tube, but how do you make a big round clickable subscribe button and link to a video like shown in this pic below? Thanks in advance!
  5. P K Saha

    Dynamic Annotation Problem!

    Hello friends, I've got a problem. I need to create this type annotation in my videos. You can see in red colored. How can I create this type of annotation? Please help me.
  6. IsaacAdni

    How to get website clicks & newsletter subscribes?

    I'm a musician. Since I don't release stuff very often, it's very hard to keep YouTube subscribers engaged. As such, I'm trying to build an email list. The signup form for my email list can be found on the homepage of my website ( However, I'm finding it very hard to get people to...
  7. SeanFace101

    What does the "Spotlight" Annotation do?

    Am I using the Spotlight Annotation wrong? or does all it do is put a box around something on the video that the colour can be changed? I thought it would have at least made whats outside the box darker or something so that the veiwers attention is put on whats in the box? :P
  8. SeanFace101

    Whats the best number and timing for Cards / Annotations?

    Anyone know or figured out what time roughly in videos is the best to put cards and / or annotations? Just after the start of the video? Just before the end of the video?, etc.. ? Also, is it best to use up the full 5 spaces or just use one per video?
  9. and_the-teddy_bach

    "Share This" Annotations?

    Hi everyone. I want my viewers to be able to click the share link on my end-card. Now I have permanently trouble adding a link to the annotations that executes a share. Any idea how to get around it?
  10. SeanFace101

    Just started adding the Cards Annotations! Very Good!

    So I just realised that I can add the Cards links on videos to other videos, playlists, sites :D I thought wen I added new annotations or captions, etc.. to videos I have already had uploaded a while ago it would create a new videos with them in it and then me needing to delete the original, but...
  11. Hey Jesse!

    What is the best annotation color to use?

    I'm wondering if there is a color that you use to have people click on the annotations. I usually use YouTube's red color.