1. Valerik

    Honest constructive feedback?

    Hey YouTubers and bloggers, I have a small gaming channel which I have been putting a lot of effort in for a few months now, and I would like to know what YOU think, and how YOU would enjoy it more. Thank YOU, to everyone wanting to share some constructive and honest feedback. Much...
  2. Curly&Clueless


    Hi everyone, this is out last 24 hours in Thailand Vlog, would really appreciate some support and feedback on the channel, hope you enjoy the content!
  3. Curly&Clueless

    Chiang Mai Vlog! Elephant Sanctuary

    join us on our tour of Chiang Mai where we take a visit to the most amazing elephant sanctuary!
  4. Curly&Clueless

    Koh Phi Phi Thailand Vlog

    Hey Everybody, we recently spent 3 weeks travelling Thailand and have vlogged our experiences! This is the latest blog we have uploaded feel free to check the rest out! Hands up who loves Thailand!!
  5. Sir_Reyz

    THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST | Put a Sock in it #1

    Hello all of you YTTalk people! :D I posted a new video, hope you guys enjoy it! Being locked outside of your apartment for weekends at a time can get very lonely. However, if you have two socks and some imagination, anything is possible! Welcome to Put a Sock in it, which is a silly...
  6. micelodeon

    Other Looking for other Adventure & Extreme Sport channels

    As the title already says: Im looking for other channels with adventure and extreme sport videos. Love Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Climbing, Canyoning, Cliff Jumping, epic adventures and maybe some V-Logging in the future. Let me know if there is anyone Greets Micelodeon
  7. Valerik

    Starbound - Upgrading EVERYTHING! Getting ready for the hunt!

    Hey Explorer. Do you enjoy adventure and exploration games? I have a new channel just for that. We are currently playing the amazing Starbound, where we are building a huge zoo for all the the universe's creatures, and this episode we went around upgrading everything to hunt down more amazing...
  8. Kemono

    Hitting me right in the feels | Deer Man

    The super immersive "Deer Man", this game truly hits me right in the feels, and gives me chills multiple time
  9. R

    Gaming 18+ Youtubers Group/Collab (PC, Xbox One)

    Looking for a group of guys/girls to do some fun collabs with on pc or xbox one. I play all sorts of game but as of right now I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, Overwatch and going to be playing Titan Fall 2 when its released! You can add me on Xbox One (Omo Beerus) or on steam @ RhynoGaming. Not sure...
  10. MidKnight

    Bringing the beat-down in horror games, this guy doesn't stand a chance...Oh never mind

    Maybe I'll just hide in a corner for a bit, you know until it goes away.
  11. GeorgiaAdventure

    New Here

    So like I said I am new here. I have a few videos up on YT. If you would please check them out and give me some feedback on my entire channel. My videos are scattered in topics. I don't have a specific topic or anything like that to base my channel on. Also if anyone lives in or near San...
  12. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Hawaii Adventure Vlog :D

  13. Rocky

    I got arrested !??

  14. Rocky


    i just hit my first 100 views and wow it feels amazing even though it seems little I look at that as an accomplishment and hopefully I could make it even with my subscribers ! Push harder guys because I believe dreams do come true !
  15. ShawnMcCallum

    Channel Playlists! Finally made some channel playlists, what do you think!?
  16. ShawnMcCallum

    Channel Design Overhall

    I was hoping to get some feedback on my channel design. Graphics. Intros. Etc. What you think I could do to improve my design? Who designed your graphics? Does anybody know how to add playlists directly under "videos" on mobile. Without clicking to another tab. I've seen it on some channels...
  17. ShawnMcCallum

    I Hit 50 Subscribers Today!!!

    Thanks for giving me a place to share this milestone and meet all these great people yttalk! I hope to reach 100 by the end of August. New videos, every week!
  18. ShawnMcCallum

    I Bought a Drone!! ! Then 3 days later lost it in a lake.... :(

    Got some good shots, before losing my big investment... I need to replace it, don't you think?
  19. ShawnMcCallum

    Surfing, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining and a WaterSlide that nearly killed me!

    I took a trip to Costa Rica with 9 friends in February, 2016. It was on this trip that I decided to start vlogging. I have been making fun adventure vlogs ever since. I hope you enjoy!
  20. Brandon Maroney


  21. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering POKEMON GO ADVENTURE! (SoCal)

    Hey everyone! I live in SoCal and was wondering if we could get a group and find to pokemans! Pokemon Go just came out today and I really want to do a fun group and record it for youtube on an awesome pokemon adventure! Who is with me?! :D
  22. Video Game Knight

    The Solus Project

    Hey everyone. This video is a little old now but it is the first episode in my series of The Solus Project. I have been having a lot of fun with this game! It has some elements from both the survival and adventure genres. The main protagonist is the sole survivor after a spaceship crashes onto a...
  23. JUPI

    Second motorcycle-video: What can I still improve?

    Hey guys, improvement of my videos is really important to me. I think that I was able to improve my new Video compared to my first motorcycle video. But this makes it so much harder to improve the next one. If you could give me a little feedback on it, that would be very helpful. Thank You...
  24. Munesh Ramnarine

    What are you doing?

    I make vlogs with my girlfriend every week. We explore a bunch of places in NYC and try to have as much fun as possible. I also make short films from time to time- I've always wanted to become an actor so now I just thought I should come up with my own ideas and see what happens. What do you...
  25. Julius Gacgacao

    I Need Music Suggestions!

    I need some songs suggestions. For my state track and field meet Songs that are uplifting, positive energy or adventure. Anything with that genre.
  26. bboytlil

    Bboy T-lil - Shooting Star

    If you like anime, food, road trips, dance circles, Kpop and positive vibes then this video is meant for you. Thanks everyone for your time and enjoy the video! :D Let it inspire you~
  27. Jordan Pike

    100 Subs!!! - The Journey Begins

    Hit my 100th sub right at the end of my shift tonight at work. Put me in a great mood to finish my shift off strong! :D I am beyond excited for what this year has in store. I set my subscriber goal for 1,000 by the end of the year, and I'm overwhelmingly confident about it at this point, even...