100+ subs

  1. M

    Gaming Professional Recording Squad.

    I own a Discord server for a professional recording squad. Of course, we are small at the moment and i dont plan to get much bigger. But, I am looking for very good people to join my recording squad. The point for a professional squad is not really for "pro" gameplay (but it can be), but for...
  2. ExoStudios

    Gaming Looking to Collaborate with other Youtubers with 200+ subs (pc)

    Hey Guys and Girls I am ExoStudios! I currently have 477 subscribers! I'm looking to make some content with other people and help each other out! I have an awesome microphone and a good PC. I have been doing youtube for a while now and getting ready to start taking it very seriously...
  3. Razolion

    Gaming [In rush ]Looking for many funny moments people under age of 16

    Hi! my name is Joe, I call my self Razolion on YouTube. I have 125 subscribers, I am 15 years old and I want to gather many funny moments people under age of 16 to collab on my gaming video this week. I have many games, but this week I'm planning to do Fortnite or Gmod or any other party games...
  4. I

    Gaming Searching for funny people with around 200 subs

    Hey im itsgamerlive, i have 166 subs im 13 years old and im just seraching for a someone who can collab with me, has pc games, can spend money and is 13+. I also have an xbox one You can have skype or discord so we can talk and that's basically it. Btw i haven't done lots of games on my...
  5. aks500

    Gaming Looking for youtubers that play Agar.io

    Are you a youtuber that plays agar.io or do you just enjoy it? Well if you do then you have come to the right place! I would like to do some sort of challenge video like get #1 or mabye last 10 mins, something like that would be cool, I am open to new ideas as well. Requirments: 1 or more...
  6. nezra

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    Hi i am 17 year old looking to collab with other YouTubers. I play on an Xbox one console and currently have over 100 subs. I play Bo3 mostly will be buying Battlefield 1 and advance warfare and all so have mincraft and bo1. If you would like to collab leave a message or check out one of my...