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YouTube is Removing Videos - Are You Affected?

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Kesler's Dad

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Mar 29, 2017
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Looks like kidpocalypse has finally trickled down and is starting to affect us nobodies. Just got a "not suitable for most advertisers" on our latest video, which is just my kids talking to a puppet. What's interesting is that it will only get manually reviewed if the video receives 1,000 views within a 7 days span... "Right now we are only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days. We'll review your video once it reaches that threshold." I don't really mind since my channel doesn't really earn any income but find it fascinating and wonder what tripped it. It's almost worth it to buy ads to pass the view threshold to see what the manual review comes up with.
Well, it cleared itself now so all is well. I just can't see manual reviewers watching through the whole video x all the videos that are getting hit with demonetization. Possibly a scare tactic by YT?


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May 15, 2017
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Who asked for new guidelines?
I asked. Thanks a lot for the links.
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Nov 24, 2017
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So some of the big channels have their monetization enabled back? How about you guys? Any progess? I have my entire channel demonetized and i asked for reinstating but getting this answer:

"Thanks for getting back to us.

I'm afraid we do not have a definite answer about the actions that creators can do to reinstate monetization at the moment but we will be sure to let you know.

Furthermore, our systems use a variety of channel and video-level signals to identify if we need to disable monetization. As mentioned before, we are now taking aggressive actions to ensure a safe experience for users. We've heard from creators and advertisers alike that this type of content is not suitable for advertisers. So as a result, when we find channels we believe are masquerading as family content (like yours) we will be demonetizing the entire channel.

Thanks a lot for understanding. If you have any other concerns, please let me know."


"Thank you for writing in regards to YouTube Partner Program, and for your interest in monetizing your videos.

Unfortunately, monetization on your channel will not be reinstated at this time.

In recent months, we've noticed a growing trend around content on YouTube that attempts to pass as family-friendly, but is clearly not. While some of these videos may be suitable for adults, others are completely unacceptable, so we are working to remove them from YouTube.

We are taking aggressive actions to ensure a safe experience for users. As a result, when we find channels we believe are masquerading as family content we will be demonetizing the entire channel."
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Sep 5, 2013
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I'm locking this now because the thread has been derailed off the original topic and has turned into individual channels asking the same questions over and over. Questions that no-one but Youtube can answer as they are the only people who know a channel's history.

There are 2 containment threads in the monetization section for discussion of 2 of the most common current issues:

1) Demonetization of videos and manual review process -> http://yttalk.com/threads/demonetization-under-review-discussion-here-only.266712/

2)The process of a channel being approved for monetization after 10k views -> http://yttalk.com/threads/monetization-at-10-000-views-discussion-here-only.260157/

New threads on either of the above issues will be locked or deleted. But as mentioned above, you should be contacting YT support for your specific support questions about your channels.
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