1. Carlo202YT!

    Gaming Looking for GOOD FUNNY YouTubers!

    I am a VERY underrated channel looking to collab with others and become friends :) Here are the requirements: Must be 16-18 Must have a decent mic Only PC Must be active My time zone is BST but I'll accept other time zones Must speak English Must be entertaining MUST BE A GOOD YOUTUBER (If your...
  2. C

    How do I promote my YouTube videos

    So I have been on and off with YouTube I would upload then private my videos because I don’t see any progress but now I’m actually trying but I’m confused where else I could promote my videos other then my social media
  3. B

    Should I create a topic about Minecraft ????

    I am a new person, I don't know anything about youtube, I tried SEO for 1 month, pam forum, I tried every way but like that, my side is totally unavailable., I created a channel on KIDS topic I do not know how to approach children? Help me
  4. Crown

    Goals for 2019

    2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals: How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019? How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019? What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ? Share with us!
  5. Freakygeak

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record videos with! (PC only)

    Hi, my name is Freakygeak20 and I have a small youtube channel (around 70 subs). I'm here today as I'm looking for new people to play games and recorde videos with. I life in normal but speak pretty good english. I am open for new games but I mostly play Dead By Daylight, The Forest, League of...
  6. S

    Gaming Looking to get my gameplays featured on a bigger channel

    My Name is Jasper and I just restarted YT again. The most views on my channel is 33k. I only have 100 subs and I’m trying to grow my channel. I play alot of Modern warfare remastered. I have lots of very high kill games as well as insane clips so if you would like it featured on your channel or...

    Gaming Funny Gaming Collaboration [PC]

    Howdy! I'm looking for some PC Gaming Youtube channels to collaborate with. My Youtube channel is SCOOTY BOOTY PATOOTY and I currently have 57 subscribers. I don't have much of a preference for what games I play on my channel, so long as the content is funny. If you're interested in...
  8. V

    Get your videos rewarded accodingly!

    Hi, everyone! :blush: We’re VlogBox — a global video content distribution and monetization company driven to bring high monetization profits to creative video bloggers and YouTubers! :coolshades: In the era of cord-cutters advanced TV is dominating the digital world, so we are up to help you...
  9. C

    Request Channel art and intro

    Hello I’m looking to start YouTube properly, I’ve had my Channel years now but content has always been poor and the art isn’t great, hopeing someone or a few people can help me, I’d like all the art you need for a channel, logo, banner, background, I’d like a unique intro to my channel and if...
  10. OndaWire

    Best portable flash drive on the market!

    This video review is on the Kingston 64gb data traveler usb 3.0 flash drive. Follow me on YouTube at "OndaWire" for more cool tech reviews and if you want to see a personal side of me outside of making these reviews, you can find me Instagram and Twitter at, "TheRealOndaWire". If you want a...
  11. A

    How can i get 1000 subs on youtube?

    I've been doing youtube for a little while now and have not seen much of a growth in subs/views. My goal is to someday reach 1000 subs, what are some great tips for reaching that goal? My youtube channel is Averagemike, the profile pic is a Yoshi egg, if you see my profile, you can see that I...
  12. OndaWire

    Buyer Beware! Don't say I didn't tell you

    People always ask me if I ever review products that are gimmicky. Well here is the new review and man the marketing of this product was brilliant, BUT the product, at best, mehhhh! Follow me at "OndaWire" on YouTube & Facebook for more honest, unfiltered reviews on cool gadgets & other tech devices!
  13. R

    can you base your new video of Google keywords tool

    so if your making a gaming video and don't know what to make it on can you look at Google keywords and create the video of the low competition titles or no.
  14. SheepDreams

    Honest Review?

    Hello name's Sheepy. Been gone from my channel for a few months but started in like late 2017. Anyways I consider myself a comedy channel. Most of my content is gaming, music videos and rants/storys. Through my own style of "animation". I'm looking for some new eyes too see what i can improve...
  15. Frost Titan Gaming


    Hi I am Frost Titan I am a kid friendly Youtuber who is searching for positive, funny, and energetic players who post frequently. I am super easy to get along with. I create videos on Skywars, Deathruns, Modded Hide N Seek, and Roleplay. I record a bunch of videos with a lot of content creators...
  16. Frost Titan Gaming


    My name is Frost Titan I NEED YOUR HELP!! :help: Recently ive been looking for gamers to collab with who are able to buy some games and make videos with. I am looking for people who play: - Minecraft (hide an seek, bedwars, adventure maps) - Ultimate Chicken Horse - Gang Beasts -VR games...
  17. George Hudson

    Getting Knocked Down

    So I uploaded a video to my channel which had really good response (for my size anyways) and wanted to know what you all thought.... Have you ever been knocked down for doing YouTube? Whether that has been from friends, family, classmates or colleagues. Has anyone ever told you that you're sad...
  18. B

    What’s the best way to attract new subs??

    hey I am fairly new to YouTube and my channel is growing slowly but I was wondering if anyone could help with some tips to attract new subscribers? I want to reach 100 so I can get my personal URL. Any help is appreciated :) Thankyou
  19. T

    Vlog Meet Up & Collab

    Meet Up - Culver's at Richland Center, WI Must have Driver's License and/or ride Be 100 subs, at least If you have camera, bring it Do cool challenges for each others channels HAVE FUN!
  20. T

    Gaming Looking for small group of youtubers to collab

    Age - 14+ Requirements - 250+ subs Console - Xbox One Games - GTA 5, Fortnite, Farming Simulator 19 Discord - Yes
  21. OndaWire

    YouTube names

    Hi all, quick question. When Google + disappears will everyone's YouTube name go away? I know a lot of people who created their YouTube channel and name was put in through Google+. Thoughts?
  22. Courtney Candice

    Hiding your channel

    I don’t usually have a problem with telling people I have a channel, but since I’m in school for cosmetology I decided to not let the people I go to school with know about my channel. The reason why I don’t want the people I go to school with know is because I know i probably will end up...
  23. edcwolfpack88

    Have any of you bought Sean Cannell's VRA program?

    Hey everyone. I'm a big fan of Sean's channel. He has a lot of great info for free. I came across his program. It's looks pretty interesting but of course you don't see any real testimonials except current students that gave a biased testimonial. Have any of you bought it?
  24. N

    Would it be okay if I keep on bugging social media friends to sub me?

    I really have no idea in growing a YouTube Chanel - I maybe dumb for this. But with all honesty, all I do is ask my friends in social media to sub me and support my channel. However, I noticed that they are now ignoring my messages and posts. I think I made a mistake. Can you recommend a better...
  25. Gate of Theories

    Recreating Disney Tik Tok's

    I hope you guys enjoy. Tell me what you think ;)
  26. A

    Why this could be! unbelieveable!

    Hello everyone, I ve young channel of mine with limited subs and views. However, someone, I know, has a YT channel about kid toys is getting 1 to 2 million views per day for most of the home made videos. To be noted that subcribers number is not more than 31k, and no single like/dislike, and no...
  27. E

    Gaming Looking for Members to Join Siike Gaming

    Hello! Siike Gaming is currently looking for YouTube/Streamers that plays competitively in Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige! If you're interested please reply with your Epic Games, PSN, or Discord (If you play pc or xbox) Here is the requirements for all teams! FORTNITE: -1.2 + K/D - Must know...
  28. C00LmAn

    hit the target but still in review YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM

    I HAVE gain 4000 hours view and 1000 subscriber for over a month but still under review for the monetization, i need help for that
  29. D

    Need help with editing

    Hi all! I’m in the process of starting my own YT channel, I have all the equipment needed but have hit a roadblock while editing. I am using Premiere Pro. My main question is.. Say I’m recording a reaction video to a TV show, let’s just say for example it’s an HBO show, how exactly do I get...
  30. Cory Osborne

    Comedy Looking for a Entertaining Team for a New YouTube Channel

    Looking for a team to help in building a brand new YouTube channel. Preferably entertaining relatable content that will keep viewers hooked and subscribers coming. Show will be something of a variety stylistic approach. Shows will be pre-planned then shot by selected individuals then provided to...