1. DrVintage

    Gaming YT PC Gaming Collaboration

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for a group of people to record videos with for my youtube channel. My goal for this group is not only to make funny videos and chill, but to also enjoy the games we choose to play. Speaking of games, the games I have are Cod Bo3, Cod Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six...
  2. Jack Ryan

    How to get community and store tab on youtube channel?

    I want to know how we get the community tab on a youtube channel. Give your valuable suggestion.
  3. D

    Need help / Youtube Descriptions, Tags & Metadata

    So I did the worst thing I could've done for my channel. That is changing the video descriptions from all of my videos. That got me from even 3k views per hour to now under 100 views per hour; and from 100 subs per day to not even 5 a day. ADVICE: DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. So my...
  4. P

    Need help with monetizing

    Hi, me and my girlfriend have almost 2500 subscribers yet only 85 watch hours. Our goal is to be monetized but we are struggling to get viewers. Any suggestions to increase watch time fast
  5. F

    I need help to monetize my Channel

    Hey guys need help to monetize my channel, i tried its third time they rejected it due to reuse content, can some one help me to monetize,
  6. W

    How do I promote my channel more effectively?

    Hello I am a small youtuber who does flipping videos for fun and id like to reach out to more and more people to share what I love to do so im kind of wondering what are the best ways of promoting my channel.?
  7. Everyn

    Other Looking a partner, and manage it

    Hello, i have a YouTube channel. The channel only has 2.77K Subscribers. The channel also, already monetize enable, earn so far (0.75$) I'm not too active uploading a new content. Will anyone here help to manage it? And also, we can share the revenue together, let me know if anyone here are...
  8. HiNamesDev

    Interacting on Youtube

    Hi, My question is if you wanted to interact on other YouTube channels (not your own), like commenting on videos, talking in the community, liking, etc. Would it be ok to do those things from your Channel account? Or should you do those interactions more on a personal account? I kind of...
  9. V

    My views

    Hey guys, voltrox here (95k subs right now) I have a question. A month or 3 ago my videos got 500k to 2 million views. Right now they don't even get 10k.... Does anyone know how this can happen? My YouTube channel:
  10. TecDestroyer

    Gaming YO Wasup Wanna Collab and Grow whit me and create a powerfull Team?

    So, Let´s go stright to the point, You want grow, be big, so do I! Let´s gaming together and grow together join my discord and i join yours, Goal? 1k follows in a week, Games? Every war and action game i have alot of games to play, show me your best, SEND MESSAGE My Instagram: TecDestroyer...
  11. A

    Gaming Looking for a Collaborator to work with.

    I am looking for a new gaming partner. Here is my discord: Here Is my YouTube channel:
  12. I

    Gaming PC Gaming | YouTube Collab | Funny | 18+ | Consistency

    hey! hey! I use to make gaming videos awhile back and achieved 150+ subs (if it matters to you guys) but I decided to start over and go for a whole rebrand. I would like to play a variety of games with you guys and just have a good time. Laugh and joking around with no drama. Games like: Dead...
  13. BestNerdLife

    Anyone care to give some constructive criticism on my channel?

    Howdy! It would be great if anyone could give me a bit of constructive criticism on my channel. Cheers
  14. SLAV PL

    Second video, something different

    I did my second video. Feedback would be nice:)
  15. P

    Gaming Looking For Someone To join My Crew

    Hello, I'm PapiOx, And You Can Call Me Ox,And I'm 15, So I'm About To Make My New YouTube Channel, But Before I Do That, I Wanted To Form A Crew For Beginner To Join, Here's Are Few Requirements To Join The Crew: 1. Have Discord 2. Have A Mic (With No Echo, And Minimum Background Noise) 3. Can...
  16. B

    Vlog I would like to collaborate The channel was created a few days ago. I have a stock of videos for the future. The channel is actively promoting on...
  17. Joey Ballooni

    Best Ways to Promote Videos?

    Just wondering any youtube promotional tips. Just beginning the process and can use any help. :)
  18. I

    Feedback desperately needed on my first upload

    Hi there, So I've wanted to start this channel for a while now and today was the day I made my first upload! My motivation runs off knowing people enjoy my content and its not just a complete waste of time. I feel like if people genuinely find me entertaining then I'm ready to put my all into...
  19. Sleepingbutterfly

    Where do I get this damn transition?

    Eyo, youtubers! So, I don’t know if you noticed this. But some youtubers use the same transition animation. You know. That splashy one, for example, James Charles is currently using. Where do I find it? I know it’s maybe an after effects one. But does it exist for Davinci Resolve, too? Would be...
  20. BillSanDiego

    Massive Decline in Analytics/Recommendations/Clicks

    Hi everybody, I'm a YouTuber from San Diego targeting the German audience. I am experiencing a huge drop in analytics — going down from 3K-4K clicks a day to 1K all in a sudden. I found out that YouTube stopped recommending my videos. Anyone experiencing a similar problem? What I did...
  21. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction - Why It's Good For Creators

    YouTube Rewind 2019 has arrived and I felt I would share my YouTube Rewind Reaction to explain why I feel the new stats based style is a good change for YouTube and how future Rewind Videos should follow this style to highlight the platform better going forward.
  22. johnny_beardly

    Request [Free] Youtube Channel Banner for my Gaming Channel

    I need some help making a cool banner if anyone can help. Will give credit to creator in description of channel. Stuff wanted in it: Background- Channel name- johnny_beardly in the middle of the banner colored blue that...
  23. BestNerdLife

    My (mostly coherent) thoughts about the FTC and COPPA | BestNerdLife

    So, let's talk about the FTC and the new COPPA guidelines that are coming into effect in 2020. Otherwise known as the Adpocalypse! Anyone else think that the FTC are going completely overboard by targeting YouTubers directly, even if their content isn't directly marketing towards people under 13?
  24. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    FTC Wants To Fine You $42,530 per Video - Here's why! (COPPA & FTC)

    FTC and COPPA changes means that the FTC want to look at the creators who are on YouTube who fail to comply with the COPPA guidelines and issue fines of up to $2,530 PER VIDEO. COPPA Are YOU Made For Kids? - How To Select Coppa - What YOU Need To Pick! - COPPA Changes // There are some...
  25. T

    Want to change channel name... good or bad idea?

    Heya! My channel name is - Thunder - and I'm considering changing it. Why? Because every time I spell out my channel name I'm like "dash space Thunder space dash" and people get all confused, writing literally 'dash space Thunder space dash' and getting the name wrong. There has been a SINGLE...
  26. Joc Promise

    #youtube. Let us build the world together

    Hello I don't know if there are some peoe who want to build the world together with me, anyway just joking
  27. Joc Promise

    How can I grow my youtube channel

    Hello, I need everyone's help here, I do want to get subscribers and grow my channel very fast, but I don't know how I can do it, please if you have anyway out to helpe please let me know, thank you very much.
  28. A

    Vlog Looking for a person to make a test collab video (Business related)

    Greetings, I am an entrepreneur from Switzerland who is planning to start a Youtube channel related to small business, self-development and entrepreneurial topics. I'd like to make a test collab video with someone who is already having an experience of being a businessperson or who would...
  29. C

    Meet Up/Gathering Youtuber - Prank/Comedy Collaboration/ looking for people interested in working on prank/comedy videos together

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start a prank based YouTube channel for a long time and my friends are never committed to starting a channel with good content. I am 21 years old, from Windsor, On and I would be willing with travelling up to Toronto if need be. I love channels like NELK and...
  30. Joc Promise

    Vlog New vlogging ideas

    Someone to give me new ideas on what I should vlog about?
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