1. B

    Massive Decline in Analytics/Recommendations/Clicks

    Hi everybody, I'm a YouTuber from San Diego targeting the German audience. I am experiencing a huge drop in analytics — going down from 3K-4K clicks a day to 1K all in a sudden. I found out that YouTube stopped recommending my videos. Anyone experiencing a similar problem? What I did...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction - Why It's Good For Creators

    YouTube Rewind 2019 has arrived and I felt I would share my YouTube Rewind Reaction to explain why I feel the new stats based style is a good change for YouTube and how future Rewind Videos should follow this style to highlight the platform better going forward.
  3. johnny_beardly

    Request [Free] Youtube Channel Banner for my Gaming Channel

    I need some help making a cool banner if anyone can help. Will give credit to creator in description of channel. Stuff wanted in it: Background- Channel name- johnny_beardly in the middle of the banner colored blue that...
  4. BestNerdLife

    My (mostly coherent) thoughts about the FTC and COPPA | BestNerdLife

    So, let's talk about the FTC and the new COPPA guidelines that are coming into effect in 2020. Otherwise known as the Adpocalypse! Anyone else think that the FTC are going completely overboard by targeting YouTubers directly, even if their content isn't directly marketing towards people under 13?
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    FTC Wants To Fine You $42,530 per Video - Here's why! (COPPA & FTC)

    FTC and COPPA changes means that the FTC want to look at the creators who are on YouTube who fail to comply with the COPPA guidelines and issue fines of up to $2,530 PER VIDEO. COPPA Are YOU Made For Kids? - How To Select Coppa - What YOU Need To Pick! - COPPA Changes // There are some...
  6. T

    Want to change channel name... good or bad idea?

    Heya! My channel name is - Thunder - and I'm considering changing it. Why? Because every time I spell out my channel name I'm like "dash space Thunder space dash" and people get all confused, writing literally 'dash space Thunder space dash' and getting the name wrong. There has been a SINGLE...
  7. Joc Promise

    #youtube. Let us build the world together

    Hello I don't know if there are some peoe who want to build the world together with me, anyway just joking
  8. Joc Promise

    How can I grow my youtube channel

    Hello, I need everyone's help here, I do want to get subscribers and grow my channel very fast, but I don't know how I can do it, please if you have anyway out to helpe please let me know, thank you very much.
  9. A

    Vlog Looking for a person to make a test collab video (Business related)

    Greetings, I am an entrepreneur from Switzerland who is planning to start a Youtube channel related to small business, self-development and entrepreneurial topics. I'd like to make a test collab video with someone who is already having an experience of being a businessperson or who would...
  10. C

    Meet Up/Gathering Youtuber - Prank/Comedy Collaboration/ looking for people interested in working on prank/comedy videos together

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start a prank based YouTube channel for a long time and my friends are never committed to starting a channel with good content. I am 21 years old, from Windsor, On and I would be willing with travelling up to Toronto if need be. I love channels like NELK and...
  11. Joc Promise

    Vlog New vlogging ideas

    Someone to give me new ideas on what I should vlog about?
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How to Make an Intro for YouTube Videos on Computer (Step by Step Tutorial)

    How To Make A YouTube Video Intro for FREE with your computer with PlaceIt from Envato. A Good YouTube Intro for Videos can help pull people in and win people o subscribe. A free intro video for youtube can be hard or boring but today I will how you how I use PlaceIt to build out a Intro YouTube...
  13. S

    Problem with video quality on Youtube

    Hi, I'm sefigu and I have a very serious problem with the quality of my YouTube videos. This problem is certainly due to my ignorance, so I am asking you for help my dear friends. - Recording programs and devices: I've recorded my video in 24, 30, 60 frames at 1920x1080p resolution through my...
  14. HeadRock


    Hey guys, My name is HeadRock and I have been doing YouTube seriously for about a year now. One thing I have noticed is working with other people and other channels seem to boost you a lot. I am looking for another channel. Preferably 500 plus subs to Collab with on a Fortnite video. I know...
  15. CashFlow

    Getting Videos/Clips for my Youtube Channel ? ? ?

    Hello guys, i want to create my own youtube video game highlights channel, and i wonder how can i get all these clips and videos to make game highlights. or how these guys get clips who run some big youtube game higlights channels. im new to youtube so i dont know many things yet. any advice...
  16. T

    Channel with 1460 sub only getting a dozen views or so a video, can't figure what is wrong...please give me your honest feedback

    Hello Me and my youtube partner have been trying to upload more frequently, tag accordingly etc however something is wrong, we are almost getting no views ...whats worse is we cannot figure out why so we need someone else to critique us honestly. Thanks here our channel...
  17. M

    Is there a way to force a video to play at 60 fps?

    Hello, Is it possible to adjust the settings of a video so that it plays at 60 fps no matter what the resolution is (480p, 360p, ...etc)? I have a video that I would like to play at 60 fps as the game in the video doesn't work on lower frame rates. Another solution would be to reprocess the...
  18. ImVolce

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments Recording group like the Misfits! (Xbox / PC / PS4)

    Hi my name is Volce, me and my friends are looking for a recording group.. We are a dark sense of individuals like the Misfits (SwaggerSouls , Fitz , Zuckles . RaccoonEggs etc.) We record discord, CSGO, Rainbow (on pc), COD Modern Warfare (when its out) and.. many other games! The requirements...
  19. I

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with on YouTube (Read Ad)

    Hello All, I am currently looking for people to collaborate with on YouTube to make gaming videos. Here is a link to my channel if you are interested in this type of content: I currently play on PC but can record on all platforms. I...
  20. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to make a couple of gaming videos and streams with.

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into Youtube and Twitch and would love someone to collaborate with to have fun and help grow each others channels. I'm 19 so preferably no one under the age of 16 and that's about it really. Here's my Youtube and Twitch if you wanna check them out before replying :)
  21. Dave2017

    New Youtube scam. Watch Out!!

    I uploaded a new video the other day and I got an e-mail from “YouTube” telling me to stop spamming my channel with videos or else they would shut it down This is the video I uploaded: So I get suspicious when I get a mail from Youtube asking me for my e-mail address and password?? What the...
  22. D

    Thomas the Tank Engine YouTube Videos

    That user Callum Walker (ThomasAudioArchives) is not happy with me or my Thomas videos on my YouTube channel because they're pointless. HOWEVER, if I stop uploading Thomas videos on my YouTube channel now, then I'll make myself so pleased.
  23. T

    Email and chat option

    Hello, I've got my monetization enabled just today before few hours but I didnt get "email" and "chat" option to youtube support team. When will I get it? Can somebody tell me about this?
  24. MRVN_Spuds

    Finally 10 subscribers! Apex legends Channel

    HEY, GUYS I JUST WANT TO SHARE MY AWESOME EXPERIENCE. Started about 3 weeks ago, last game I played online was gears of war 3. I really enjoyed free for all mode in the series and enjoyed playing kong hours. Stopped gaming because I had to start working after high school. Fast forward to apex...
  25. D

    Massive drop in views on kid channels

    Does anyone know what happened on July, 11? Some channels got twice more traffic like supersimplesongs, mothergooseclub, littlebabybum and some lost half the traffic like appmink, cocomelon and to this day nothing changed. Some new algorithm change?
  26. BestNerdLife

    Hit that 100 subscriber count!

    So, I finally hit that 100 subscriber count on Friday evening. I've only been uploading for about 3 1/2 months so super duper happy with my result. Fun fact: I'm pretty sure my 100th subscriber was a guy I bought some retro gaming tech off. He asked me why I wanted the thing I was buying and I...
  27. Rehannah

    How to get out of using a video camera for videos

    So in the past I would use a webcam or film with a phone. I'm tired of trying to prop up my phone to shoot and am saving up for a camera. In the mean time I wanted to try to get away from using a camera. Any tips? My channel is vlog-type but also does music I was thinking of doing lyric videos...
  28. H

    Gaming Need Collabs

    Hey my names Kaleb aka Hubbs im looking to get back into youtube and need friends to make content with, i know how to do mostly everything when it comes to recording and editing, i have lots of games to play and record and am willing to buy more, Im also 18, and would prefer anyone willing to...
  29. Howard Wilson

    Feedback on video of us in the Philippines

    Hey guys, We are just starting back on our YT channel it revolves around traveling, doing dope activities, and of course all the epic food we encounter! We would love to get some feedback on the overall quality on our latest video. We want honest feedback is good or bad is welcomed. Thank you in...
  30. utsavmadaan823

    Youtube Channel Future Monetization Prospects

    Hello, i just started a channel and come accross the new youtube policies and just wanted to be sure that my content most probably will get monetized (no issues as such) if i hit the criteria. I am biased towards my channel so always feel as if yeah my content is ok but dont want to be in false...
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