1. Rehannah

    How to get out of using a video camera for videos

    So in the past I would use a webcam or film with a phone. I'm tired of trying to prop up my phone to shoot and am saving up for a camera. In the mean time I wanted to try to get away from using a camera. Any tips? My channel is vlog-type but also does music I was thinking of doing lyric videos...
  2. H

    Gaming Need Collabs

    Hey my names Kaleb aka Hubbs im looking to get back into youtube and need friends to make content with, i know how to do mostly everything when it comes to recording and editing, i have lots of games to play and record and am willing to buy more, Im also 18, and would prefer anyone willing to...
  3. Howard Wilson

    Feedback on video of us in the Philippines

    Hey guys, We are just starting back on our YT channel it revolves around traveling, doing dope activities, and of course all the epic food we encounter! We would love to get some feedback on the overall quality on our latest video. We want honest feedback is good or bad is welcomed. Thank you in...
  4. utsavmadaan823

    Youtube Channel Future Monetization Prospects

    Hello, i just started a channel and come accross the new youtube policies and just wanted to be sure that my content most probably will get monetized (no issues as such) if i hit the criteria. I am biased towards my channel so always feel as if yeah my content is ok but dont want to be in false...
  5. utsavmadaan823

    My Channel Got Demonetized (Opinion Required)

    Mychannel Link- I had a old channel which was monetized than i cleared all my old content and started with new work (top 10 list videos), some videos of which is now on my above channel. Due to some reasons i kept my work on hold and was...
  6. N

    How can I uplode youtube to my website, without every buddy seeing it?

    I'm creating a website which will allow users to learn and teach inside the website, (online courses LMS - learning management system). I want those videos that uploaded by users to the website courses, will be only inside the website and not like YouTube Embed. I tried to Embed A YouTube code...
  7. Heroiism

    Gaming PC Youtubers Looking for Group Recordings/Growth

    I'll make this short and simple :) Myself & two other Youtubers have been recording together for a couple years now and are looking to meet some people who are interested in consistent collaborations and growth. We play mostly on PC and are open to any games that could potentially make for...
  8. Darren Taylor

    2 Year YouTube Birthday in 1 month

    My 2 Year YouTube birthday is coming up at the end of August and I thought I would share my lessons and findings to see if people experience the same or get any value from my musing 1) YouTube STILL hasn't suggested any of my videos really. I get 90% of my views from search and from external...
  9. Plasto

    Can you help me with some ideas ?

    I shoot mostly horror videos [TOP 10, Creepy, scary and the like] but I run out of ideas. Can you suggest what is trending now, what to shoot to attract viewers?
  10. V

    community guidelines violations for Hacking Video

    hlw, I'm doing youtube channel about hacking tutorials, so I turn off monetization for hacking tutorials and turn on monetization for normal (non-hacking) videos. So I want to know when I turn off monetization for hacking videos, youtube can mark that hacking videos as a " community guidelines...
  11. kenziecantdraw

    How to Promote Content that Isn't What You're "Popular" For?

    To sum up my channel a bit: *I've been posting on YouTube since August 2018. *I took a six month break around December, right as my sub count started growing. *I just started posted again about a month ago, but I'm trying to change up my content because I'm not excited about the content that I...
  12. S

    Gaming Looking to start a YouTube and Twitch channel. [PC]

    Right, the time has come to start making PC gaming videos and live streaming with the boys. I'm looking for people with an edgier sense of humor, 16+ years old, decent mic quality, at least a mid range PC (able to run games like PUBG, GTA V, Rust, etc.). Your sub count DOES NOT MATTER. I don't...
  13. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Facebook Down? Instagram Down? - NOW WHAT?!! #RANT

    Is Facebook Down? Instagram Down? YouTube Down? Social media outage? - Are you panicking that your main platform is down and you can't talk to your audience. Maybe its never coming back, and if thats the case what does that mean to you? You NEED to grow on MULTIPLE social media platforms if you...
  14. Rami Markus

    CPM Drop over 70% and NO MORE Reserved Ads! (Only Auction)

    Okay Now I am really confused. My Avarage CPM is and was always 13$ . Now all Sudden My CPM dropped heavily like over 70% and it continues go down under 3$.I looked whats the reason behind it, The only Ads that are shown on my videos are now only with " Skippable Ads Auction" which is very bad...
  15. KennyT

    Hello People! Can someone give me some feedback?

    hello everyone! My name is Kenny, i recently started a YouTube channel i already uploaded 3 videos that don't seem to be getting a lot of views, although i understand that i'm only starting right now so i don't expect a ton of views right away, especially when i never touched a video editing...
  16. Afternoon Tea

    Gaming Afternoon Tea Group - SEEKING NEW MEMBERS

    Hi all, we are a small and starting up YouTube group called "Afternoon Tea" consisting currently of 5 active content producers and looking to expand. We are currently mostly UK based but have members from other parts of the world as well. What we intend to create is a friendly collaborative...
  17. 2desitravelers

    Does Featured Channel list help in SEO ?

    Hi fellow youtubers, I am trying to see the impact of adding my channel to some one else's youtube channel featured list. Do you know if it will help in my channel 2desitraveles growth ? Have you guys tried it ? If not let me know if your channel is into traveling then we can add each other...
  18. 2desitravelers

    Vlog Any Youtube Traveler from California for collab ?

    Hi, I am a youtube traveler from San Jose and my channel name is 2desitravelers. If you are into traveling and in California, let me know if interested in any traveling collab video. Thanks, 2desitraveler
  19. G

    Feedback for proof of concept...

    We have created a proof of concept for a cinematic machinima series known as The Fixers. THE FIXERS follows a group of charismatic rag-tag assassins in an action-packed adventure as they take on some of the dirtiest contracts the city has to offer. However, after angering a seriously dangerous...
  20. BestNerdLife

    Someone gave me a shout-out the other day and i'm not sure how to thank them.

    So, one of my subs who has a bigger audience than I do gave me a random shout out on their channel the other day and it resulted in me getting a boost in subs and views. Obviously, this means a lot to me and i've said thanks etc. but they are just a random person that I don't know and I never...
  21. ArsenalGamer

    Gaming MAKING A PS4 CREW

    Hello, Cryptic Gaming, I am a PS4 youtube that is currently sitting at 224 subs looking for a have a crew of people to play with one of my friends for a week has gone to Canda for a vacation. The video usually consists around, for now, Rainbow Six Siege, Black Ops 4, and GTA V.Also I usually...
  22. L

    Gaming Looking for a group to record/stream with

    I used to do youtube off and on, but I want to try to make videos and stream more consistently and have people to do it with, preferably within the 16-25 age range. games that I play often: Minecraft (mostly modded) (PC) League of Legends (PC) Various Vr games (PC) Call of Duty Zombies (Some PC...
  23. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking to create awesome team of YouTube Gamers

    Hey Guys, Orb here! I'm looking for people who'd be interested in joining our YouTube gaming group. We aim to make good quality content and have fun. Our channel is just about to hit 140 subs with a total of 2,142 views Our team consists of filmmakers, editors, streamers, and people will all...
  24. A

    I am looking for software

    Hello everyone! I am new here. I have idea to make channel similar to "Dark5" - link below. And now I am looking for free software in order to edit YouTube videos without voice. Only images or short videos and below a text. Which free software can you propose for me?
  25. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint - (Grow On YouTube) #RANT

    YouTube Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint (Grow On YouTube) // To grow a youtube channel in 2019 and grow on youtube you have to understand and accept one very important fact - YouTube Is A MARATHON and NOT A SPRINT! For you to make a successful youtuber and be successful on YouTube you have to play...
  26. BestNerdLife

    Just hit 100 views!

    The "about me" section of YouTube is lagging slightly, but i've definitely hit 100 views! I started on May 1st 2019 and i've uploaded 5 videos. Currently trying to find my niche by throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. Thanks for reading!
  27. Music Master

    Looking For Collabs!

    Hello, my name is Kyle! My channel has started to boost off a little bit. My channel ( is mainly a music channel. It is called "Music Master". I mostly do Instagram/Mood/Lyric edits. If you do not know what those are, just go take a quick peek at my channel...
  28. Labour of Gamers

    Gamers can't , Creators can win

    Hi dear people , all we know that everyone need money that is why always with cliche way people choose to jump into the youtube then they are going to put all the needless videos to the youtube then they are keep sending their stupid and meaningless videos to someone they don't know , after a...
  29. thatbejinxx

    Vlog Any small youtubers down to collab??

    Hey guys, im a small youtuber/musician who recently started to vlog and do other things for content behind the camera. I'm from LA. Im just looking for some friends/ someone to collaborate with and just help each other grow. Good vibes.
  30. BasiliskASMR

    New Eating (Mukbang) Channel. Looking for feedback

    Hey guys :) My channel just turned 1 week old. I don't know how you guys feel about eating (mukbang) content, but I wanted feedback on how to improve my content and channel I was debating whether to have a topic while eating or focus more on eating or somewhere in the middle? Any suggestions...