1. Stoner Gamer

    Services FREE banner, FREE logo

    I'm willing to make a free banner or/and logo. I've design all my own banners and logos There will be no charge if your willing to put a link to my channel. We might be able to work out something else just give me a shout. Here is some of my work
  2. Stoner Gamer

    Getting used to speaking to a camera

    How has it been for everyone trying to talk to a camera for the first time. I find it a bit weird at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. What helps you?
  3. LUXO

    I'm looking for some feedback

    I'm looking for some feedback because I have to be doing something wrong because when I upload its quality content and I'm sharing my videos and still no views and my friend started after me about 2 months and he already has like 100 subs more than me its frustrating.
  4. O

    multiple channels question

    Hello, So I've posted here before to ask this but now have a slightly different question. I know the advice before was keep everything on one channel but I've recently noticed that it's hard for people to tell if one if joking or not. I've noticed this lots with people who are comedians etc...
  5. Andy R

    HELP!- Thinking of dropping after - 100 plus videos -1 plus year -Kids Channel

    HI everyone, We started our Kids channels about a year ago. We made a lot of progress with shooting, scripting, editing etc over time to come up with quality content. Spent $$$ on ads and promotion. Tried sub to sub but nothing is working for us. We are planning to give to last 3-4 months...
  6. RaskyGames11

    How do I grow and improve

    I've been doing youtube about a month or so now and I've gained about 76 subs. Which is awesome, but here lately it seems like my views have taken a dip and i haven't really been gaining any subs either and i stream a lot and i put lots of hours into the editing to make them entertaining but am...
  7. LifeOfKieran

    The Sheer Lack of Motivation

    So. It happens to all of us. The motivation of uploading videos to YouTube just disappears. That's where I've been. For the past... 6 months. I used to daily vlog, but literally have no idea what to upload these days. I work from home almost every day, and really want to make content. How...
  8. VeggiesForVegans

    Advice on Channel Design

    Hi there! I am a fairly new YouTuber with little experience. I have posted almost 30 videos, with 14 subs... not growing at a consistent rate whatsoever. Am I YouTubing wrong?, Designing wrong?, What am I doing wrong?!?! Please help... (You'll have to click my channel button at the end of my...
  9. RenOperative

    Is there any particular site that allows collaboration that isn't NewTubers?

    It seems that no matter what I do as a YouTube gamer I always get banned from Reddit for trying to build up a gaming community/podcast. NewTubers just axed me today, just looking for other alternatives here that aren't always on my back?
  10. C

    Finished/Closed Help!

    Sorry if this is not supposed to be here I am new to the forums but my channel art won't upload I tried so many things if one of you can fix it and resend the fixed image that would make my day!
  11. M


    So I have been making YouTube videos for almost 2 years now and in the last year I have hit a block. I did K-pop reactions for my first year on my channel (I know I cringe and want to delete them but can’t bring myself to do it cause they took time and effort) and then barely posted because of...
  12. BayleyCollins

    Music Looking for people to lipsync with

    I need other youtuber to send me videos of them lipsyncing to perm original by Bruno Mars and ill give you credit in the video. Contact me at
  13. S

    Wireless Camera Livestream HARDWARE HELP!

    Hi guys, im looking to livestream my GoPro to my laptop so i can then stream it to YouTube, Twitch etc etc.. Sounds easy right. I cant find a suitable product without going into thousands of pounds worth of debt. the GoPro max will be 100meters from my laptop so a hardwire cable isn't an...
  14. B

    I need editing/recording advice

    Hi, im new here and i need help. I just made my first video(i have 2 subscribers) after a long time of editing, but i still think it does not look great editing wise (and maybe the raw footage too) I edit in Hitfil4Express and record in Shadowplay. The video is a cs:go gaming montage, clips...
  15. BrettTaylorYT

    Script Reading Help!!

    How do you read from a script without it sounding like you're reading from a script? I have recently started doing scripted videos but they all sound completely scripted and fake. I have no idea how to fix this or what I should do to change this. Any suggestions? Please and thank you, I'm...
  16. J

    DSLR or Webcam for splitscreen multicam music lessons and splitscreen skype?

    Hi everyone, I am a music teacher and I'm wanting to begin offering my lessons via Youtube and also Skype, I currently don't have any streaming/recording equipment and I'm really wanting to make sure I buy the things that will do what I need. I will be mainly teaching guitar and I'm wanting to...
  17. ArchBldErnyWard

    Need help with branding & design!

    Hi, I have recently started creating content on YouTube and have loads of ideas for videos. However, I feel that my branding and design due to poor lack of knowledge in these areas hold me back and would appreciate if you could check my channel out and suggest any improvements. Thank you
  18. waegt aweg

    Banned from Adsense.. No MCN.. Now What?

    So, I was banned from AdSense back in 2011 (don't know why). After my appeal got rejected, I created a new a channel in 2013, and tried to monetize my videos using a MCN. I applied to Fullscreen and was accepted right away with little to no subscribers and no AdSense account linked to my...
  19. Abdullahx9000

    Feedback wanted! [Thumbnails, Editing Style, SEO]

    I don't know where or how start but I would really love some feedback on my Thumbnail, Editing Style and Enjoyment of the content also SEO if possible. I have been growing a lot for a while, but my PC broke down resulting in my not enable to make any videos for several months. Now that I am...
  20. Abdullahx9000

    Re uploading a video with a few improvements?

    I am really curious to know if it is alright to re upload my video with a few changes. Here is the story: So I put a LOT of effort into making a Big montage with lots of edits. In the beginning of the video I advertised my Twitter account in the first 10-20 seconds. I noticed now by looking at...
  21. P

    your experience with ytube

    Guys! i'm doing a research on ytube for my college paper and was wondering if yttalk community can help me get some insight by providing their valued responses Much appreciated!
  22. iCorkii

    I need advice

    Hi, my name is Alex, I'm a Youtuber with 3000 subscribers. I started making videos on this February 6, 2017, I hit 6k after just 2 weeks by making shooting star videos (the well-known meme). After 2 months I got tired of making memes and didn't have any upload ideas so I decided to upload...
  23. J

    New to this...

    I’m new to YouTube and have posted around 8 videos. I think they are getting a little better each time. But I’m not getting very many views and only have 9 subs. People never like my videos but I don’t think they are bad or anything it’s just that I’m not getting the views. If I post more videos...
  24. Brittneytaylorwg

    Help me!! Tips for filming a travel vlog/travel diary??

    So I’ll be leaving for my trip in about 7 hours or less and I’ve never travelled before so I wanted to film a travel diary or something for my channel since I’m going to the hot springs. I was wondering if someone had any tips for filming a travel diary or even a travel vlog??? I do enjoy...
  25. Zaland Adams

    I was wondering/

    I have been doing youtube for a while but I love doing different things within like vlogging etc.. But all of these videos I try to be Entertaining because I can't decide upon a niche. Am I doing something wrong not choosing a niche or is it all right once I have one goal in all my videos?
  26. F[VI]E GUYS

    Feedback on a New Video

    It has taken me a while to get some courage to post something but I feel like I finally had a video that was pretty decent and I want some feedback on several things. 1) Is it funny? (This is always a super awkward question) But what about it do you enjoy and what do you despise? 2) Do the...
  27. F[VI]E GUYS

    Lightworks Text Plugins?

    I have just swtiched from Shotcut video editor to using Lightworks v.14 (free version). After watching numerous tutorials, I think I got a beginners handle on it. One thing I noticed is the lack of text functions (or at least that I have found). Does anyone know of a place were I can get some...
  28. Kylie


    Hey yall, Ive realized that my comments are not posted publicly. I do not comment over the limit, I don't use profanity and I am almost positive i have not been blocked on each site that I comment a supportive message. Please help. Ive googled everything and still no answers.
  29. Lukerz

    Question About YouTube Names

    Hey all! I started a YouTube channel the other day with the name "Nexen" however, later I found out another larger youtuber (Nexen4games) had a similar name. So I was wondering, would it be a good idea to change my name before I really get started on my channel? This other Youtuber, Nexen4Games...
  30. L

    Help - Audio is muffled/weird noise

    Hello! I have just been to Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneyland Parks where I vlogged it. I had a wind muffler on but I had to take it off in Shanghai as it was covering my flash (Canon Gx7) and wasn't letting me popup the flash. After taking some photos, I put the wind muffler back on but...
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