YouTube: Hobby or Job?

Full-time job for me. Revenue is reaching to a full-time min-wage income.
Hope to get it to the 2 person full-time income stage so my wife can join me and help with setup/props.
Hobby but I treat YouTube like a job and I would love to be doing YouTube as a job(a least part time) in the future and certainly I won't be complaining if that ever happened!

Hopefully that will happen in the future haha! :D :D
Honestly... At times it is a little bit of both. I can't see it as an asset yet because it costs more to run it than it brings in. But as soon as that changes... well... it will become more of a job. I hope I never get tired with it though! That would be a major bummer!
Hobby. Just like painting, it may take hours to paint and one person gets to buy it, but it's not a job for sure. Actually I'd rather not be forced to live off of YouTube. I ha e a good job and if I didn't go to it, I'd never have time to make videos
It's almost a second job for me right now. I'm really pushing to make it take off to become a full time career though.
Of course there are soooo many YouTubers out there and I would like to have some opinions on if you do YouTube as a hobby, as a side thing for the enjoyment or would like a career out of it. Personally our channel would LOVE to make this a job as creating comedy skits and other videos are our favorite things to do!
Well at the beginning it's always a fun hobby but if it turns in something big and you can make a living from it then you can maybe see it as your job