Where do I get Editing Clients?


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Mar 30, 2017
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Before reading further please note that I am not asking for clients in this thread.

So im pretty interested in editing videos, vlogs, gaming videos, montages, etc. I really enjoy that part of the Video Creation process and would like some more start-up money for my own YouTube Channel. I thought that offering my services as a YouTube editor would be a great way to earn money and still do something I enjoy. The problem I am facing is finding people that want editors. I don't want to be the guy spamming YouTube comments asking if they need an editor (but honestly I am considering it). Most people who are just starting out with making YouTube videos edit poorly and are ok with their final product so they really never seek external help until it becomes a hassle to edit and ask for external help, but they usually go with someone they already know. If someone knows of a way for me to talk to people that need editing done (like a subreddit or something would be great) please comment it below, Thanks.

P.S - sorry if this thread doesn't belong in this category, didn't really know where to put it.