I'm inspired by what the Young Turks have done... it started out as a podcast out of a living room and now has multiple-billions of views. I keep having as a goal to have as many channel views as they have subscribers. I'm still chasing that goal! lol
I've been watching Syndicate religiously for around 7-8 years now (basically all my teen life). When I first tried making videos I would watch his videos back to back an take as many tips as i could which really helped, but then I realized that actually my real personality was never in the videos because I was just copying. So now I've created a new channel that will purely be self inspiration and my own work and I feel like that might give me better success.
I can relate so much to you! Shane Dawson was definitely one of the first YouTubers I've watched!
I remember it waaaay back when I was still a teenager in the Philippines.
Now I'm 22 and in the US! Crazy how I've seen him grow..

He's definitely one of the personalities that inspire me. Tana Mongeau is also a huge inspiration to me! And Nikita Dragun! Honestly, there are a lot and it would take me ages to even get close to being done! haha
I’m also 22![DOUBLEPOST=1523597324,1523597176][/DOUBLEPOST]
My inspiration is definitely JacksFilms. I love everything about his content and the way it makes me laugh and smile. So I decided I wanted to make people smile and laugh too!
Jack films is one my favorite YouTubers!
The two channels that inspired me the most to start making let's play videos were MasaeAnela and 2girls1minecraft. I still pick up inspiration from other YouTubers, though. It's nice to be inspired sometimes.
Hi all, I go through phases of what I like to watch but there has always been a few You Tubers who I always watch,
I love Many a true Nerd but he loves to play all the games I love to play but he plays them way cooler.
I also watch every week ObsidianAnt I love Elite dangerous and this guy just has the greatest voice, I herd is voice liked to audible chocolate.
these two are my TV for the week with a sprinkling of a few others every now and then.