For me the first ones that inspired me were 'HCBailly,' and 'James Rolfe aka AVGN.' I always wanted to make videos like they did. But overtime 'Nostalgia Critic,' 'SomecallmeJohnny,' 'Exploring with Josh,' and 'The Completionist' became the ones I follow most. I still love 'Cinemassacre' but I watch a lot of other people now that I draw inspiration from when browsing or creating content for myself and Youtube. =]
I like exploring with josh, his videos are entertaining.[DOUBLEPOST=1521736736,1521736521][/DOUBLEPOST]
Must have been Be.Busta and Lets Read :)
I never heard of him[DOUBLEPOST=1521736823][/DOUBLEPOST]
I dont think any channel has really inspired me. I had a channel at the beginnings on YouTube when no one got paid - it was just for fun.
Mainly junk channels with single viral videos. No SEO / branding etc. Just raw unedited footage I watched.

Actually I have taken one inspiration from the 'Charlie bit my finger' video. Both myself and my mum loved that video. The name stuck during my wifes pregnancy and eventually named our eldest son Charlie.
I remember that video!
I wouldn't say I've been inspired by other channels but I do get ideas, tips, and tricks from other channels I watch.

I started my channel in 2009 to show my buddy Scott how I fixed my rototiller and a few other things around the house. Even now, 9 years later, Whenever I make a repair video I approach it as if I were making this to show him how and what I'm doing. So I guess I'd have to say he influences me more that any YouTubers do.

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Despite not being a gaming channel myself, I was very much inspired by people like the Game Grumps. They made a name and a living simply by doing something they loved together and people beat a path to their front door as a result. I wanted nothing more than to find something that fulfilled me, so they were definitely a huge part in my making the decision to set up a channel.
Five Knights Productions.
Actually I watched their visual reel in Vimeo but they also existed in Youtube too.
A mixture of narration, really good video with various scenes, vfx and music.
I must have done more than 200-300 views on this video only the first day I found it.
It is subjective but I felt breathtaken. After some years it still amazes me...

I have tried to copy their flow in a wedding video but I didn;t get not even close enough....
:p XD