Rcj gaming
Hi every can you help I'm not much good at spelling and find tagging hard for my videos.what the best tags to use or should be used all the time?many thanks rob from rcj-gaming
Your channel name should always be included so you turn up in the search if someone searches for you. I've found Google's Keyword Planner helpful for coming up with keywords. By entering a topic or in my case a game title it will give keyword suggestions. You can see how competitive each suggestion is as well as average monthly searches for that keyword.
It's important that tags are relevant for your video. Don't just copy tags from other videos. Otherwise you may get a lot of viewers who are not really interested in your content and thus click away early. This leads to low audience retention which then hurts your ranks in search and recommendations.
So for different videos, I use different tags. For the long hair videos, it's a lot of "long hair for men" "long hair for guys" "guys long hair" "how to grow long hair" "how fast does hair grow" etc. It gets repetitive, but I make informational videos on that subject, so I want to cover any questions that people have (as long as the video covers that topic) in whatever way they may ask it.

For the puppet videos, I always use "puppet" "puppets" "puppetry" "puppeteer" etc., because those are fairly unique terms in YouTube, so they're easy to show up fairly high on lists. Of course, the really high-ranking puppet videos are for little kids, so I'm still not big on any really important searches, but I figure it'll catch on.
there isnt any "tags" that you can and should always use. The only thing that should be in all your video tags is your channel name so youtube will know that video belongs to you. The tags you use varies on what type of channel you have and what the video is about. If you need help for example if youre a gaming channel search on youtube about the game your playing. What comes up in the predictions? you can take keywords from there and put them in your titles try to use phrases towards the middle or bottom because those tags and phrases have less competition than say the 1st three predictions you see.