What made you decide to make a YouTube channel?

I made my channel originally just to watch videos, but got bored one summer afternoon and decided to start making videos. One and a half years of video making later, here I am today, 125 subs and all. I'm ok with this.
Everyone always tells me I am a plethora of knowledge because I am always dropping Fun Facts and it never orrcured to me to make a YouTube channel. So when I got a new phone with a good camera on it I started out on my venture and now have been making videos for a little over a month and everyone is enjoying them! :dance:
I love your channel btw !!! I didnt know numbers produces weird head into freezer kind of picture LOL^^
I made my account in 2009 or so, just for watching videos. Then I uploaded a few gameplay videos without commentary, because I didn't really have the means to do any commentary.. So nerves didn't really come into it, initially. I never really had a good PC until this past November when my buddy bought one for me, and now I can finally do things I've wanted to do for probably a decade. Super happy.
I started my youtube channel on a whim..I started blogging first, and when my blog took off really well, I thought, hey why not try videos? I filmed my first video on a webcam and got no views LOL!...continued filming and suddenly the YouTube gods decided to answer my prayer and got me some subbies and viewers. As for hate, dislikes and so forth, I get them on a daily basis...I have to admit when I got my first negative comment, I was really upset because I didn't understand what I did wrong or why that particular person didn't like my videos,...but now...I just concentrate on the people who appreciate my videos instead. Doesn't really bother me. I always like to say that as you grow on youtube and gain fans....you gain haters in equal numbers LOL^^

...wooo long post..time to put a full stop :D
Hmmm, I have to say my love for gaming. Ever since I saw my first Let's Play I thought it was interesting to record your self playing games while talking about games. Game Grumps pushed me even further a little later, seeing 2 best friends playing games and having a good time made seal the deal.
What made you decide to have a YouTube Channel?
were you nervous about making videos at first? If so how did you over come it?
How did you take your first negative comment or your first dislike?

Just a few questions
i used to be part of a student radio station and i love gaming so i am okish at talking to myself for long periods of time and thought it would be a good thing to fill my time since i am ony at college 3 days a week so what to do for 4 days other that try and entertain people. :)