What made you decide to make a YouTube channel?


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What made you decide to have a YouTube Channel?
were you nervous about making videos at first? If so how did you over come it?
How did you take your first negative comment or your first dislike?

Just a few questions
I was bored and had a lot of free time. And yes,in first few videos I was really nervous,commentary sucked! But as I recorded more and more it became A LOT easier,now it's like a completely normal thing for me to record and show myself on a video. As for first negative comment I had really good experience cuz it was mostly constructive criticism. And I don't even pay attention to dislikes,there's always gonna be that one guy who gonna click it.
I wanted to start my "online empire" and I figured YouTube was the best place to start because I could cover expenses with adrevenue..

Ended up changing last minute to a "Royalty Free" rather than "Free" music source for YouTubers, and it's blown up like i've never imagined..
I wanted to make use of my spare time to entertain others. Making a YouTube channel has allowed me to build on the confidence I once did not have. :)
Wow, so far these are all good respnses and it's nice to know what has influenced people do become such a large community.
I can kind of relate to the idea that i wanted to gain some confidence aswell i remember my first video i was so scared, but yeah. 3 years on and i've gained a lot f confidnce
I watched people like nigahiga and smosh who made me die laughing. I love making people laugh and I want to go into the film industry as a career so YouTube seemed a nice home for both.
I work as a 3D modeler/animator but most of the work i do is architectural stuff. So i started with my youtube channel to practice also animation and make fun with it using games and movies as themes to make parodies :)
I made a funny video by accident and was told to put it on youtube, I then discovered i have the perfect subjects for a funny channel so continued doing it. I just want to share my joy with people :)
Everyone always tells me I am a plethora of knowledge because I am always dropping Fun Facts and it never orrcured to me to make a YouTube channel. So when I got a new phone with a good camera on it I started out on my venture and now have been making videos for a little over a month and everyone is enjoying them! :dance: