What kind of channel do you have and what inspired you to start?

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4 months ago, I wanted to write a book about how a system I created to obtain endless motivation and maximize productivity. Then I realized I have no audience and no idea how to promote the book. So I created a channel about my system instead.
I have 2 gaming channels and one where I post random other things (Tests, recording fails, short vlogs etc)
I wouldn't say I was inspired at all, when I started out I just really liked the 1993 game Doom and I wanted to record myself playing it, there wasn't even any talking. After that, it just grew from there.
Maybe in a way, Doom was my inspiration
My channel is about attractions/theme parks and Disney parks with pov's etc. We vlog the parks we go to. I say we because although I set it up and it is mine we do haveverything a regular selection of people who come along.
I started it 3 months ago because it's always been a passion, so I forked out a grand for equipment and the rest is history.
Hey everyone! I am really just wanting to make friends and have positivity in my life. I'm sure you all would like some too! So tell me what your channel is all about and why you joined! Let's make his a huge community of positivity and friendship!!

Hi there hunnie!
My channel is revolved around 'Beauty and Rambling', I love to make makeup tutorials and test out new products while rambling on the side. I started my channel out of a need for an escape from real life. I needed a place to feel like myself where I could meet people with similar stories. Until now my channel has become a huge part of my life and even made some huge changes to my life. My channel helped me grow and I'll forever be thankful I started.
I have a daily (mon-fri) vlogging channel. I really enjoy vlogging and I love having something to look back on in the future. Just seeing other vloggers on YouTube and how passionate they were about making video's inspired me to make my own. It took me a while to build up the confidence to actually do it and post them though, but now I love it!
Started a vlogging channel! I did it because I always have so much fun and wanted to share it with the world! :) plus I love editing and I love being in front of a camera!
So you'd think my channel is just gaming judging by my profile pic, but you'd be wrong :) it started out as such, but also now is about Disney (Disney World specifically, I go quite a lot) and personal vlogs. For a time I thought I should separate them all, but then I realize, each is an aspect of myself and my personality and my channel is "me." I don't want to break that apart. So, i just stick to a schedule of 1 disney video and 1 gaming video a week, with a vlog once in a while added in, and that way either audience knows when to tune in for what they want.
I love to write and produce theater, and that's really seasonal, and productions take a lot of time to get together, and I love the ability to produce something every week, so I do little mini-skits with puppets (sometimes we cook, sometimes they're let out on their own to talk about self esteem), so I have this weirdo channel where I have a bunch of puppets. I also talk about long hair, and that's oddly my highest-rated videos, but that's just what got me in front of the camera to begin with. I love my hair guy friends, but it's not as close to my passion as creating little worlds where characters interact.
I do a local travel/relaxation channel. Well I guess thats how I would classify it I dont really know where it belongs.

My channel was really inspired by my long time girlfriend. She noticed how when we would drive around place, road trips and such, that I would drone on about the local history and interesting facts about where we were. She also knew how much I like maps and navigation. So she basically said you should make youtube videos of me driving around and narrating the ride, so thats what I do. I just try to make it as pretty and relaxing as possible.
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