What is the most important thing for you in youtube?

Knowing that my succes is only depending on me and my motivation. No excuses!
But yeah...the YouTube money makes me being able to afford all the fun technical items I keep buying so money plays a big part too.
As of right now, it's mostly the whole thing of being creative and spending time mastering something. It would be pretty cool if my channel idea at some point actually starts making a difference in peoples lives, but in a realistic world that is probably kind of a stretch.
I'm only starting out, but I'm excited that I'll finally be challenging myself to do YouTube instead of just thinking about it. I've always loved making videos and I've always wanted to get more involved in the community
I love making videos, I love to hear what people think of the video and its content. I also love to to watch a lot of videos from other channels with similar topics to maybe get some good ideas. And I love to watch my channel grow, even if it's growing very, very slow :D