What genre?

Hey guys I've started a YouTube channel for about a year now and i mostly did comedy stuff but I've removed all of the videos and started reviewing tech products and i thought about the long run that i would ran out of stuff to review and i'm much more inclined to comedy. Do you think it would be okay to do both (Like iJustine) or just stick to one? Because I've heard that my subscribers will get confused and unsubscribe. Thanks everyone!
I guess you could do both in a way where you review tech products in a comedic sense. Or if you want a serious review, I guess you could have another channel for comedy and one for reviews.
I'd say do what you feel comfortable with and make it your own. there is no reason why you can't incorporate them both. Many if not all of my videos have some sort of comedy aspect, because that's just me. I love cooking but I'm also quite weird so I combined the 2.