1. BrettTaylorYT

    Scary YouTube channel

    i want to have a channel that’s a little scary, a little creepy, a little mysterious. Something that touches into paranormal and the likes. My only problem is I have no idea how to even begin this. I’m really interested in this stuff but I’m a broke college student so I don’t have the money nor...
  2. Lightsen

    Everyone share what your community is like

    By this I don't mean your subscribers, or your channel. But rather, the larger community your a part of. Say you do food recipes as your genre. What is the "cooking channel" community like? the content creators, and the viewers. is it a tight knit community? etc. I'm part of the animation...
  3. Anthony Collins

    What genre?

    Hey guys I've started a YouTube channel for about a year now and i mostly did comedy stuff but I've removed all of the videos and started reviewing tech products and i thought about the long run that i would ran out of stuff to review and i'm much more inclined to comedy. Do you think it would...
  4. MisterJDiggidy

    What Makes You Love YouTube?

    For me, I love YouTube because everyone has a place on it, no matter what you do, like how me some other channels make comedy videos (skits, sketches, parodies...), and others can make gaming, beauty, facts, pranks, or whatever they want! It is pretty great to see how every person has a place...
  5. TV Harmonies

    7 Years Ukulele Cover

    Hey everyone, this is my new cover on youtube and I'm fairly new to this and I'd love to get some feedback and comments ! Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it !
  6. TV Harmonies

    New Cover and Looking For Advice !

    Hey everyone, I am new to Youtube and this is my new cover and I was hoping to get some advice on how to improve quality and overall just a review of the channel ! Thank you everyone for your help!