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For me, I love YouTube because everyone has a place on it, no matter what you do, like how me some other channels make comedy videos (skits, sketches, parodies...), and others can make gaming, beauty, facts, pranks, or whatever they want! It is pretty great to see how every person has a place. Even within your genre, every person has a place to do what they want. Like I said before, there are tons of different things in just the comedy genre!

I also love how you don't have to pull others down to go up, and everyone can be successful together, which is shown through collaborations and people liking other's videos and sharing them to make even more people's days better. Other people don't have to fail for you to succeed, which is great! It seems like other places, like actors in Hollywood or businessmen need to pull others down to boost themselves up, but thankfully that's not the case on YouTube.

That's why I love making videos on YouTube, and also watching others. Plus, hearing people laugh when they watch one of your videos is the best feeling in the world.
I love that it gave me a platform to try to achieve one of my life dreams.

As a child I loved writing and doing voices and pretending to be someone else. I wanted to be behind the camera more than infront of it, though. I used to want to become a screen writer, and then it evolved into directing as well as writing, and as I grew up I started taking drama classes in school and so it evolved into "I want to write, direct and act in films!" Grew up poor, even though I knew about YouTube, I've always been a gamer and so I was always on a site called GameTrailers. The title is misleading, there was a lot of sketch comedy and funny videos on the site, it was all based around video games though.

So I was poor, no money for a camera or capture device, so I just watched videos instead of making them. In 2012 I become more financially stable and I ended up buying a very nice webcam and began to experiment with YouTube. To summarize, because this is getting long, I see YouTube as a means to appease the child in me. I'm making no money which means YouTube is more of a side project than a main focus, but I get to be a director/writer/actor/producer/sound design/props design/editor and many other faces all rolled up into one human body.
I love being ON youtube because I have always loved the camera and I talk to myself all of the time anyway so I thought I might as well record it. lol
I love (most of) the people on YouTube. They can inspire people and sometimes have very deep and wide spread stories! Everyone has a different motivation to do their thing and I always love to hear such things!
Just the whole opportunity of it! It's exciting not knowing what could come of it in the future, I'm really grateful I was born in the generation of this kind of thing, I always wanted to be an actress but I don't think I would ever be confident enough to do something like that, but youtube gives me the same kind of thing but I can do all the filming alone which makes me feel much more comfortable, it's such a rush when people watch and subscribe to you, and the fact there is always a chance of becoming famous from it!, you just never know what is going to happen, and you can make some amazing friends from it, sometimes I do get down and want to quit as I feel I am going nowhere, especially when I suddenly lose loads of subs or whatever like now, but I don't think I could ever truly quit hiatus yes but quit no I enjoy it too much!
I love the variety of it. If there's something you want to watch (within reason), there's most likely someone making it. I also love the democratic nature of it. Anyone can upload a video and have it seen by anyone they send it to. That's lovely. For someone who grew up in a time when filming something meant (if you were lucky) Super-8, and then difficult video tape, this feels like incredible luxury, to have all of this equipment and software so easily accessible.
YouTube allowed me to be creative and support my hobby. Now, YouTube supports me. While broadcast cable, internet and TV would never have a program like mine, YouTube has the flexibility for me to have an audience.
YouTube allowed me to be creative and support my hobby. Now, YouTube supports me. While broadcast cable, internet and TV would never have a program like mine, YouTube has the flexibility for me to have an audience.

Yeah, I love how everyone YouTube gives so much opportunities. I checked out your channel and I like how you make everything family friendly. I do that too in my comedy videos because I think everyone could enjoy them and don't want parents not wanting their kids to watch my videos.
I love that everyone has their own specialties and does their own creative things! There is so much energy and positivity that I have been inspired! Good luck to everyone and their channels!!!!