What do you use to edit video on pc


What do you guys edit videos on other than yoithbe studio because i want to know how to edit my videos
I used to use AVS Video Editor, but it did not have all the features I wanted. I now use PowerDirector. It is not the most advanced, but it already will do more than I will probably ever need. But after rendering it on PowerDirector I use AVS to shrink it down. Their compression is amazing.
It's a great idea to use free editing software at the beginning. Once you get comfortable & realize that you will be doing this for a long time or forever than you can get more serious with programs like DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. I did this switch pretty quickly & grabbed Adobe suite which comes with video editor (premiere pro), thumbnail design program (photoshop) & RAW photography editor/adjuster (lightroom), more are included like AfterEffects but for now I feel overwhelmed with these three. So take it slow, learn the basics & see how it goes, years of learning ahead.
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Started way back using Windows Movie Maker but I made my way up the ladder to Adobe Premiere and that's where I stand now for a couple of years, works like a charm and I would definitely recommend!
Like the words came out of my mouth LOL! I used Movie maker for a while, then I hit a ceiling, obviously, and graduated to Premiere. Been using that for 6 years now.

I use Camtasia very easy for beginner

I actually still use Camtasia for certain things. When there is variable video or audio in a video file, Premiere does not do a good job with it. So I load it in Camtasia and render the file straight up and it brings all the variables together and there usually is not issues. If there is, I then use Handbrake.