What do you use to edit video on pc

Vegas pro, old school :D
I used both the Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro at my former work place but the new Premiere Pro CC versions are way more complicated. The old Premiere Pro CS6 was much more easier. In case of Vegas Pro, yes it is old school and very powerful but creating complicated intro / opener is very cumbersome... to me obviously.
I use Camtasia very easy for beginner
Camtasia is good but the resources are not very advanced and custom output formats are very confusing like if you want export a video in AVI format uncompressed, it exports it at 640x480 resolution (really?) whereas if you export it at MP4 format, it exports in the original size but the compression makes the video very unimpressive. That's why I am looking for a good screen recorder which can export / record in AVI uncompressed format. Anyone can help? Please don't name Filmora. It lags and crashes every now and then. Online video editors are also a no go.