what do you say at the start?

Hey everyone! Our channel on YouTube Goosterplab was just started 2 days ago and we have 1 video so far, and we need help, so I was hoping that you guys could atleast watch our video, you dont have to subscribe but please watch it atleast, our channel manly focuses on short comedy films/sketches so if any of you guys wanna check it out please do. Thanks!
hey all.

so when you start your video, whats the first sentece you say to your viewers?
i know many people say like whatsup guys. or hello [whatever they call their viewers]

i just dont know what to say but in a reflex i always say hello whatsup people... i cant help it...

i introduce myself or my channel
I usually say "What's going on youtube, welcome to another episode of Nostalgik Gamez" and stuck with that for 200+ videos lol. But I want to do something different now. Something that the viewers would like.
Usually its about a min in and i say "crap I forgot to turn my mic on"lol
But on the odd time I do its just usually "Hey guys Eyekon here and were today playing ...."