what do you say at the start?


where the fields are green and the air fresh
hey all.

so when you start your video, whats the first sentece you say to your viewers?
i know many people say like whatsup guys. or hello [whatever they call their viewers]

i just dont know what to say but in a reflex i always say hello whatsup people... i cant help it...
In one of my series I open with, "Hi I'm Will and welcome to my living room."

In my general vlogs I just say "Hi and welcome to my vlog". lol.

I'm just kidding, that's taken. But really, usually say "Good morning everyone" or "Welcome back my friends" or "Alright, we're back again." Those just seem the most natural to me, haha, even it it isn't morning.
I say "Hello everybirdy, my name is Obscur the Bird."

Which is a habit. I don't really do it on purpose, especially the "everybirdy" part.