Gaming Want to do collabs and creat a Gaming group to record, similar to Vannos or Fitz! PC Only.


Hey whats up guys, Rushy here.
I am tryng to creat a youtube/gaming group that is similar to Vanoss's or Fitz.
The main objective of the team is for growing together on YouTube and to have fun wile making vids.
The games i usually play are Fortnite, Rocket League, Dauntless, Hunt: Showdown,and looking for more.


- Be 16+ years old.
- Be open to record a lot of difrent games.
- Have a great sense of humor (mandatory)

- You need to be able to tell and take jokes!
- Have a mic ofc.
- Be active (on youtube and on the group).
- Have Discord
- Give and take constructive criticism.

My YT link is here, feel free to contact me there or comment down bellow!
Hey bro defiantly wanna do the same thing! If you are interested in collaborating with me check out my content. , and see if it’s similar to what you’re looking for and let me know. Just search for Holsatron3001 on YT and met ne know. Thanks!
Hey man, saw your channel trailer and fairly impressed. We actually have a group that we will be relaunching hopefully soon. Maybe you'd be interested in checking it out. Also no we don't make you upload on the group channel...that's just stupid. Join our discord and ask some questions. Talk to Zonda for the full rundown.
Hey dude I really like the professionalism on your channel would you be interested in collaborating[DOUBLEPOST=1516325664,1516325608][/DOUBLEPOST]Meant for benate”