Luca Oliviero

New Member
Hey everyone, I'm new here.
Have a question regarding video quality after uploading on youtube.

I exported a video with Premier Pro but during playback on youtube the video is choppy/jittery every second or so. Like the video almost pauses for a 10th of a second during the whole video, resulting in not so smooth footage. No issues with sound though.

I get the same issue when watching on Youtube on different pcs, and on iPhone/iPad.

However this doesn't happen during playback of the original file on my computer and no issues on Facebook either, as it plays quite smoothly.

Exported in 1080p, H.264, 10Mbs bitrate, 29.97fps.
Tried to export in higher bitrate (40mbs) but same problem once its on youtube.

However if export only the first 20seconds of the 2min30sec video and upload the issue doesnt appear.

Anyone have ideo on how to resolve this.
Much appreciated, thank you.
Hey Luca,

This sounds like a frame rate issue. This sort of thing can happen when a video with one frame rate is converted to a different frame rate, but I'm not sure how that could have happened in this case. Like Mat said, could you link your video?
When you said "original file"? what did you mean, the actual original file before post production or file that you exported from premiere pro ?