youtube video quality

  1. E

    Does the yoube algorythm consider the quality (720, 1080 hd) of your videos?

    Hi I think a 720 quality is good enough for my video tutorials, and I can save pretty much time rendering and uploading videos as I produce a lot of content. But I don't want to be affected in a silly way loosing video ranking jus because of the video quality. Does the quality matters in terms...
  2. KantoGaming

    Not So Berry Challenge SIMS 4

    CAS For our new main character in the Not So Berry Challenge!
  3. L

    Video jittery/choppy once uploaded

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Have a question regarding video quality after uploading on youtube. I exported a video with Premier Pro but during playback on youtube the video is choppy/jittery every second or so. Like the video almost pauses for a 10th of a second during the whole video...
  4. O

    How to fix bad youtube video quality?

    Hi I record gaming videos on my ps4 with some funny and epic moments and when I record them the quality is sharp on my screen but when uploading them to youtube they are bad and blurry. The engine will automatically choose the video to play in 360p - 480p but when I select 720p hd the quality...