Video Editing & Creative Software 2020


Ive never heard of
Magix Movie Edit From 59.99

Can you summarise it in a few sentences to include in the original post?
- can you giveme a summary in a few senetnces to include in the original post?

Ummmm. . . I've never used Magix Movie Edit BUT Vegas Pro is owned by Magix and from what I can tell Magix Movies Edit is basically the watered-down version of Vegas Pro.
Thinking about making the switch to DaVinci from Premiere once I can get a new machine. Until then it's just buggy premiere for the time being.
There are a lot of good free video editing and creative software out there. But for someone who wants to get into the film or graphic design industry, they really have no choice but to get locked into the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem.

I am self-learning to be a graphic designer, and because Adobe software dominates this industry, I have to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, which is not cheap! Any other software company that makes better products than Adobe will still remain insignificant because nobody will notice their innovation, since practically everyone uses Adobe software.
Actually from talking to some people in the industry Resolve Studio version is quite widely used for movies etc.

But yeah Adobe has the same this as Microsoft office has going for it - it's the one everyone knows, and they persist with it because of (usually poor) reasons.

I think more and more people are getting sick of Adobe's subscription service by the year and moving to Resolve and others.

Certainly for most if not all YouTubers there's no reason (in my opinion) to need Adobe.
Thank you for the list!! I've been thinking of switching out video editing software at some point - but for now I might stick with my newbie iMovie until I smooth out my channel a lot more. I'll definitely look into DaVinci
Im still looking for a more advanced SLIDESHOW GENERATOR than Aniroket.
Its the only one I found where you can have animated slides with also animated background - only both is quite limited.
Example here:

I tried also different video editing software, but that is not really usable when you have 100+ fotos per slideshow like me and around 1000 slideshows to do.
And then you dont want to do all the transistions and more by hand ... one by one.

If anyone knows a better software that runs on a MAC Im happy to know.