Video Editing & Creative Software 2020

Im still looking for a more advanced SLIDESHOW GENERATOR than Aniroket.
Its the only one I found where you can have animated slides with also animated background - only both is quite limited.
Example here:

I tried also different video editing software, but that is not really usable when you have 100+ fotos per slideshow like me and around 1000 slideshows to do.
And then you dont want to do all the transistions and more by hand ... one by one.

If anyone knows a better software that runs on a MAC Im happy to know.

I'm sure all video editing programs can do it. I know for sure that Resolve can.

I'm confident a YouTube search for the program of your choice will yield plenty of results.
Thanks for the videos, I already installed DaVinci but didnt have time to play around with it yet.

The videos are nice, but I like that ALL creators forget to SHOW the generated slideshow in the end.
So how does it look after hoursof producing?

As I have hundrets of slideshows to make I dont want to spend years in total on doing that.
If you do it the right way you should be able to set up a project so it'll consume a bit of time first time around. But then in future it'll really just be - open the template, drag and drop your slides, fiddle at the edges if you want to make some changes and then render it out....

Actually I just found this video from one of my favourite Resolve YouTubers. Probably covers everything you need.

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Na ja der meint dass Ken Burns ausreicht. Aber bei 100 Bildern und 100 Slideshows ist das dann auf Dauer nur noch L A N G W E I L I G !
Was ich brauche sind animierte Übergänge UND animation innerhalb der Bilder (zoomen, fliegen usw.)

Aber ich werd mir DaVinci eh ansehen weil iMovie langsam auch zu "Anfänger Tool" wird lach
Mate this is an English language forum - so that we can all benefit from your input please post in English.
Any grammatical errors etc will be forgiven.
Use google translate if that's all you can do.
Thank you.
Ups sorry, thought we germans had already taken over lol

Ok, the video is nice BUT he thinks that KenBurns is all ...
I mean I have hhundrets of old fotoalbums generating hundrets of slideshows.
If I just use KenBurns that gets B O R I N G !

What I need is transitions and effekt for everything - fotos and transitions and as I said everything - so that every slideshow is unique itself compared to the others..
Thank you so much, for sharing this post! Just amazing! I didn't know that there are so many of them! I have saved your post to my favorite ones.