Voice Acting VARIOUS VOICE ACTORS needed for video game.


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We are looking for voice over artists for a National Film and Television School graduation video game project from our award winning games department. These are unpaid roles which can be recorded remotely, excluding two of the roles (Game Voice Over & Catherine Voice Over) which we’d prefer the voice actors local to London. We will cover travel expenses to the National Film and Television School for recording.

This game is a narrative third person puzzle game, which explores a young woman’s anxiety about the world through puzzles which involve looking at the world through different perspectives.

After the disappearance of her sister she tries to make sense of the random chaos and chance events in her world through using magic thinking, gambler’s fallacy, conspiracy theories.

“It’s hard living life in a random number generator”.

All roles and audition lines are below.
To apply, please send your audition tape to elliott@egemedia.co.uk

Deadline for auditions is Monday the 10th of July 2017.


Game voice-over - female - mid 40’s. Standard American.

  • “Lucky strike! You’ve just won 300 credits. Carry on playing to double your winnings!”


Catherine voice-over - Catherine: Female, early 20s. Standard English

  • “To play: objects need to read the same forwards and backwards to win. Bin, bench, clock, bench, bin.”

  • “Walk out a situation as you walked into it. It creates a sense of being grounded in the present. Clock, post, tree, post, clock.”


Rose: Female, late 20s. - Standard English

  • “Hey, you haven’t sent me the cash through yet - call me when you can, sis!”
  • “Hey sis -just waiting in Neuquen to book a ticket back! I’m coming home soon!”


Rohan - Male: Early 20’s. British/Indian. Born and grown up in Yorkshire.

  • “Cath, I can’t get hold of you, I’m guessing I know where you’re at. Come back to your mums!”

  • “Cath, don’t make me worry about you. You don’t have the money to keep playing there!”


Mother: Female, mid 50s, 60s.
Standard English. (could have very faint Yorkshire undertones).

  • “Love, I need you back early today. Rohan’s cooking for us remember.”

  • “Catherine, where are you? Rohan doesn’t know whether to start cooking.”


Newsreader - ideally male, 40s/50s.
(Gender/age not specific: so long as they sound like a newsreader)

  • “Neuquen, in Argentina has just been hit by a major earthquake. It is estimated that more than 500 people are currently missing, it is not yet known if any tourists visiting the area have been affected.”


Thank you everyone, look forward to hearing from you.