Using Music Instrumentals.


So, I had been wondering if I could use a music instrumental of a previously vocal song, and not recieve a copyright strike, I will be using the music instrumental and putting my own lyrics over it and was wondering if this would be ok. (the song is 100- by The Game)
I mean if the actual point of the video is to cover the song, then yeah you should be alright. If it simply adds to the video, then it could get claimed.
As long as you change the song and do not use the original in your video, it is defined as Fair Use. Just be sure to try and make it as different from the original song as possible. The whole reason that they set up copyright is to make it so the customer has to buy the song and can't just look it up on your channel and play it, so as I said before just change it as much as possible and you will be fine. Good luck!