music 2016

  1. Maarij Bashir

    EPIC Orchestral Playthrough

  2. demetrius mitchell

    Funny video series called Grimsontide. so funny! Gaming, Music and Vlogging updates

  3. MagicallyMusical

    Music Music Collab Channel?

    Hey! I tried to make a music collab channel once before on here, but people lost interest due to the time it took. If you're into potentially posting a music related video once a month or so, I want to make a music channel with you! Your main channel can be featured on the collab channel, put...
  4. IPPimp

    Using Music Instrumentals.

    So, I had been wondering if I could use a music instrumental of a previously vocal song, and not recieve a copyright strike, I will be using the music instrumental and putting my own lyrics over it and was wondering if this would be ok. (the song is 100- by The Game)
  5. TV Harmonies

    Animations Trolls Cover

    Hey everyone! We'd love some feedback on our new cover Can't Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake on any improvements to the video or recording ! Thank you so very much everyone! :)
  6. TV Harmonies

    Can't Stop The Feeling! Cover from Animations Trolls

    Hey guys would love some feedback on this! Just posted today please let me know any feedback on how to improve it any way ! Thank you all so much
  7. TV Harmonies

    No by Meghan Trainor Jazz Edition

    Hey everyone! I wanted to know what you think of our new cover of the new hit No by Meghan Trainor ! We decided to change it up and try something new! Please let me know what you think and how we can improve! Thanks everyone! :)
  8. TV Harmonies

    Prince Tribute Review

    Hey everyone! Just wanted some feedback on what you think of our cover/tribute for Prince may he rest in peace. We'd love the advice and thank you all so much ! :)
  9. TV Harmonies

    New Cover Ideas?

    So on or channel we like to do cover songs and our most recent is 7 Years by Lukas Graham and we always try to get advice on what songs to do next so if you can check out the video and let me know what other songs we should do ! Thanks so much ! :)