diss track

  1. kevinboston7

    Justin Bieber diss track

    Check out my new music video a Justin Bieber diss track
  2. Assim Dallali

    Cameraman for the day

    Hey guys, I need help for tomorrow. I need someone to record a diss track that I will be creating tomorrow. I need someone that lives in Wembley in London and is ready to meet me up at 1 on Friday. If you want to talk, call me through skype:- assim.dallali135 so we can talk in detail.
  3. IPPimp

    Using Music Instrumentals.

    So, I had been wondering if I could use a music instrumental of a previously vocal song, and not recieve a copyright strike, I will be using the music instrumental and putting my own lyrics over it and was wondering if this would be ok. (the song is 100- by The Game)
  4. Tyhd