May 30, 2016
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What The Film Is?
So on my YouTube Channel I have an undertale film going on and I have lot of info on it links at the bottom of this post. So I am looking for animators that can help animate the film. The film is about all 3 Undertale Endings in 1 story line (very complicated but I can explain in voice chat). The film includes most the characters in Undertale and Frisk will be a girl (sorry to those who want her to be gender less or a male). Frisk will have emotions in the film and she can talk, there may be a narrator for the lines such as ("fill you with determination").
How To Help?
So to help you must download discord and join with this code 7xdubvj u cant help without it. My name on the server will either be HypedAlexGamer or Midget_A or something like that, I have roles such as Admins and Leaders. Contact the Leaders or Admins if u have a problem with the server. When u join u must DM me or let me know that it is u and u want to help with the film and I will give u ur permissions and we can get started.
So I know ur animating is good enough send me a small animation of ur best effort and I will see if it is good enough.

My Expectations
You dont need to be amazing at animating and you dont have to be very good either, but it has to be good enough for the film, give it a try you never know you may be accepted to help
You will have to stick to your part in the film and you cant let me down, there will be deadlines (not too strict) but what needs doing, needs doing. If you know you are very busy and can't fit animation in alot then please dont apply and get a part.

Go to my channel (HypedAlex Gamer)


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