1. Paranoia_Origins

    Voice Acting Is Asriel As It Gets! | Undertale No.1

    Everyone ready for some more of my amazing voice acting? Then come on down and watch some Undertale yall! Its a "Pundertale" Experience! My Patreon! ► paranoiaoriginspatreon ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ Undertale is a role-playing video game created by American indie developer Toby Fox. In...
  2. TheGameGateway

    New Undertale Series!

    Hey there guys! Just setting up this new thread to unveil my brand new undertale series that's coming out in the next couple of weeks! I've recorded and scheduled two videos so far and I'm hoping all of you guys enjoy watching it as much as I've been enjoying recording it. The upload dates on...
  3. Alpha011

    Undertale Bridge Chase

    Hey everyone, I've got a video from Undertale of the bridge chase with Undyne. If you haven't played this game then I definitely recommend checking it out. It's something different than what I have played before and commentating it has been a very different but fun experience.
  4. Mobileidiotgamer

    Voice Acting Undertale Comic Dub | Voice Acting and Artists

    Heya, I have wanted to make an Undertale Comic Dub for a VERY long time now, I have had this idea for awhile and i wanted to see if anybody had wanted to help me make this Now of course it wont take like a week or something, NOTHING DOES!!!! It could take some months i don't exactly Know but if...
  5. HypedAlexGamer

    Animation Undertale FanMade Film -Help Needed-

    What The Film Is? So on my YouTube Channel I have an undertale film going on and I have lot of info on it links at the bottom of this post. So I am looking for animators that can help animate the film. The film is about all 3 Undertale Endings in 1 story line (very complicated but I can explain...
  6. Lightsen

    Undertale Animated Short - Funny Bones

    Took me 4 to 5 months, but it was a ton of fun, especially enjoyed the backgrounds!
  7. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    UNDERTALE | Grizzly Gauntlet

    Undertale was a massive hit in 2015 and even today it's still leaving impressions on a lot of people. I stayed away from the title for a while to try and outlast the hype and fervour that comes with it so I could approach the game in an spoilt, grounded way. So after trying the game out and...
  8. The Skink

    Undertale Play Through

    To celebrate avoiding this game for a year. I play it :)
  9. Jareditton

    Undertale Part 6 - Do Humans have tails?

    Seriosuly do they? I do answer it in this video.
  10. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 12 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video! This is going to be part 12 of my UNDERTALE playthrough. Getting back into the UNDERTALE groove. I'm really good a solving puzzles hehe xD I f you enjoy the video, please leave a like or a comment or maybe some feedback :)
  11. Sir_Reyz

    BRRR.... IT'S COLD! (Get it... Snowdin?) | Undertale #5

    Hello all of you wonderful Game Travelers! My name is Sir_Reyz. I would like to personally thank you for clicking on my thread! :D In episode 5 of Undertale, I venture through more of Papyrus's Horrible Puzzles and finds myself in Snowdin, where I meets all of the townspeople. Exciting stuff...
  12. W

    Request [Free] looking for thumbnail art for a whole series of Undertale

    Looking for Undertale fan who has played the game and knows how good the game is if .I am doing all the endings so its going to be more than 20 videos Which means more than 20 thumbnails Since I suck at making thumbnails it would be great if some one would help me out . If any one is interested...
  13. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 11 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video. This is going to be part 11 of my Undertale playthrough. Today I discover that Dr. Alphys is my biggest fan and she keeps texting me nonstop :( If you enjoy the video please leave a like or a comment or maybe some feedback (it goes a long...
  14. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 10 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to part 10 of my playthrough of UNDERTALE :) The last time I played I got completely wrecked by the fishy Undyne but I'm back with new and improved DDR mechanics :) It was interesting I guess. If you enjoyed the video, please consider leaving a like or a...
  15. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 9 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome to Part 9 of my Playthrough of UNDERTALE. In today's episode, I spend my time with my favorite character Napstablook and chill. Also Undyne is trying to kill me but what else is new? If you enjoyed the video please leave a like or a comment -Ray
  16. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 8 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another part of my UNDERTALE playthrough In today's part, I channel my inner gaming abilities to defeat a mad dummy. It was very hard. Be proud of me :) If you enjoyed please leave a like or a comment, they go a long way. -Ray
  17. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 7 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to part 7 of my UNDERTALE playthrough. Today we get chased by an armored spear monster in the dark, at night, gone wrong.
  18. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 6 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another part of my playthrough of UNDERTALE. In today's part, I finally start to move out of Snowdin town and tackle on some puzzles that I'm very good at solving hehe :) Make sure to leave a comment/like if you enjoyed the video (it goes a long way) -Ray
  19. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 5 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to my part 5 of my Undertale playthrough. Today we go on a date with Papyrus. SKELETON DATE (IN THE HOOD) (GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL) nyeh hehehehe
  20. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 3 | MapleStream

    Back again with part 3 of my UNDERTALE playthrough! Please check it out if you're interested :)
  21. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 2 | MapleStream

    Here's part two to my playthrough of UNDERTALE :D Check it out, it's pretty cool.
  22. MapleStream

    UNDERTALE - Part 1 | MapleStream

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome to another video! So this is part 1 of my cringy playthrough of Undertale. Hope you guys enjoy :D
  23. Gametrap

    Undertale Review

    One of the best RPGs to date. A great adventure with choice, that actually impacts the progression of the game. Check out full review ►►
  24. H

    Smells like fish

    It smells like fish guys....
  25. CautiousCrowe

    Undertale. A unique RPG with captivating story

    If you haven't heard of this game yet then it can be simply put that you're missing out on A LOT as far as RPG's are concerned. Undertale doesn't have the most amazing graphics, but more than makes up for it with it's amazing story line and one of a kind battle system. I think this is a game...
  26. H

    a bit of a different play style to undertale....

    Just yeah tell me what you think xD
  27. James Azurin

    I played through the whole Undertale demo to see if the hype is real about it...

    And the hype seems to be real. I thoroughly enjoyed it.