animation help

  1. Soazo Zehburd

    Could i please get feedback from someone on my channel?

    I've been making videos for the past 10 months and have only managed to rack up a total of 39 subscribers, could i please get some people to look at my channel if there is something i need to change. i believe i make decent content but my opinion may be biased to myself so i need a second...
  2. HypedAlexGamer

    Animation Undertale FanMade Film -Help Needed-

    What The Film Is? So on my YouTube Channel I have an undertale film going on and I have lot of info on it links at the bottom of this post. So I am looking for animators that can help animate the film. The film is about all 3 Undertale Endings in 1 story line (very complicated but I can explain...

    Finished/Closed [Free] I need someone to do minecraft animation for free

    I'm not a good animation and i want to make a "movie". It not a movie like a 1 hour. I a 30-50 mine scary Minecraft animation "movie" Also i don't have money so i some to do it for free Skype: Noobz Nationz
  4. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Animation Need help for animated series

    I am an animator and I like to think I am fairly decent at it. I just never have time to make anything because school and work. I am wanting someone to help me with animating it along with helping write and voice act but mainly animating. I have no definite plan but I do have a few ideas so what...