Finished/Closed [Free] I need someone to do minecraft animation for free


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I'm not a good animation and i want to make a "movie".
It not a movie like a 1 hour. I a 30-50 mine scary Minecraft animation "movie"
Also i don't have money so i some to do it for free
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Lol you have nothing to offer and not to mention your channel is so small that the time and effort it would take to make this animation would be better off with the animators channel (even if he just made one it would still do about the same as yours)

Things that might get done here for free are Banners, Logos, and sometimes thumbnails.

If I was getting paid to do a 1 minute animation I would at least expect some sort of compensation as even a 10 second animation could take hours depending on how much work is put into it.
You know it takes around a month of non-stop work for something 10 minutes long right? You need to get a grasp on what time and work is worth.