Tutorial increase traffic using StumbleUpon


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This video is a StumbleUpon tutorial in-which you will learn an overview about StumbleUpon social media website.
What is StumbleUpon, is a common question asked by many youtubers. StumbleUpon provide a unique feature for each user which is known as stumbling button. Most bloggers used it in order to increase blog traffic with StumbleUpon profile.

The need of StumbleUpon tutorial video is increasing as the StumbleUpon social media platform become more popular. StumbleUpon is a kind of social media bookmarking site similar to search engines websites.

Watch this video to understand how you can use StumbleUpon and how to update your profile by using stumbling button toolbar. StumbleUpon allows stumblers to specify and update their interest profiles by using thump up and thump down buttons after browsing stumbling results contents. All types of related contents such as webpages, pictures and videos will be presented to each stumblers according to their profile updates. For example, if someone submit any of his content and add them to his profile, then these contents are then shared with friends through their profile and by using the “stumble" button. The stumble button basically sends a user to random content results based on your chosen interests. Therefore, this is can be an efficient to success by understanding how to use StumbleUpon for business for and by increase blog or YouTube traffic with StumbleUpon profile.