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  1. M

    Improving channel traffic

    Hey guys, I got a edm music promotional channel with 2500+ subs and 480k views (the channel was started on the 1st of January) and I'm trying to improve the traffic for this channel. I was thinking of making a channel presentation and promote it through AdWords, as well as starting campaigns on...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Build Your YouTube Brands - 28 Tips

    Build Your YouTube Brand and STAND OUT! YouTube is a huge platform with millions of channels and maybe even billions of users watching hours & hours of video every second. This can be a huge needle in a haystack when it comes to companies or branding so you need to Build Your YouTube Brand...
  3. UKHypnotist

    Auto-Generated Topic Channels For Better Traffic

    How many of you know that if a video topic is widely enough seen in "quality content" (definition of quality unknown in this instance) on YouTube, the system has an algorithm which will generate a channel for the topic? And if you are creating videos which match such a topic channel, the...
  4. zaffron

    Tutorial increase traffic using StumbleUpon

    This video is a StumbleUpon tutorial in-which you will learn an overview about StumbleUpon social media website. What is StumbleUpon, is a common question asked by many youtubers. StumbleUpon provide a unique feature for each user which is known as stumbling button. Most bloggers used it in...
  5. subversiveasset

    Where does most of your YouTube traffic come from?

    I'm curious to see how different everyone's traffic sources are (since just from seeing another post, there are some differences.) So, what I think would be interesting is if people went into their Analytics, viewed Traffic Sources, and then shared their top traffic sources. For my channel...