1. K

    Can a channel be revived?

    I made a stupid mistake in February and March this year. I promoted my videos via social media sites which meant I got an average CTR of 2%. I didn't realise this until late March when (I think) YouTube demoted us with an algorithm update/change. This resulted in less views per video and we no...
  2. Honest Travel

    I managed to get 1000s or views in my first two weeks using Reddit and Instagram

    I managed to get 1.4k views on one video and a total of 4.7k views in just 2 weeks and I wanted to share with you guys how I did it. So the main source of views I got was through Reddit. My videos are all travel videos in Romania so I went over r/Romania posting my best photos and got 100s of...
  3. HearingMind

    is twitter good to get some traffic? And how can i use it?

    I always used reddit to get some traffic to my videos, people here keep mentioning twitter is an excellent source of views as well, what do you guys think? I never handled with twitter before, so i'm not sure what to do after creating the account, since i'll have no followers or anything.
  4. Adventure Campitelli

    How to grow My family adventure Channel

    I have 15 videos now and sometimes it can be frustrating not getting traffic to your channel. Sometimes you think its because your videos are not that great, but then you look at some videos on youtube with 100k views and they're just awful. Not to say that mine are great by any means. But you...
  5. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Should we buy views or not?

    Anyone here has considered buying views? What had happened? Please share your experiences, we would really love to know because at this point we are thinking of buying views to boost our traffic.
  6. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    What is wrong? My Channels are not getting enough views!

    Hi friends, our channel is 5 months old. During our first 3 months it is doing well and getting decent views and traffic. After that 3 months we noticed that the views and traffic are dropping slowly. What do you think is wrong? Are we not doing it right about our content, titles, descriptions...
  7. will_mcdaniel

    Does monetisation increase traffic?

    Howdy, I've never bothered monetising my videos as I'd probably earn less than a pound or dollar per video and I was always worried that preroll ads might turn people away from a smaller channel like mine. However I've been reading a few articles that suggest YouTube might actually push...
  8. UndergroundSeries

    Google Plus To Youtube

    How do I use google plus to get users to my youtube I am totally new to this google plus thingi haha :)
  9. UndergroundSeries

    Using Twitter to get YT Traffic

    So I made a Twitter account to get traffic on my channel but I dont know how to do it effectively I allready followed 35 persons from 1 big youtuber but they dont seem to check my channel out what can I do to get some traffic going trough my twitter so it gets to youtube ?? my twitter is ...
  10. SpecsTech

    How to gain more subscribers?

    Hello everyone, I'm Specs, I'm new here, I've recently started a new channel and I was wondering if there is any good ways to gain more traffic to my videos and gain some subscribers, I've been attempting to upload a video every day for the last week to keep consistency up, I was just...
  11. martingray360

    60,000 views in one month - question

    Hey guys, Early in august I had a creative idea for channel, first 3-4 videos didn't have a lot of traction, but early September it seems to took off. First week ended with 5000 views, next grew to almost 10,000 views, later 17,000, and 15,000 weekly. Subscribers reached 180. I have now 20...
  12. SeanFace101

    What time period to you monitor over in your YouTube Analytics?

    When you are looking at your videos performances in your YouTube Analytics areas, what time do you you look at them over? :P Mine is set on the last 7 days, it used to be set to show the last 30 days. :P What is best?
  13. AlexGotBeats

    Traffic from Apple notes??

    Dear apple users can you explain this to me? :D I thought apple notes were for writing and drawing what does it have to do with youtube or even internet? How am i getting traffic from this?
  14. KeniisuYT

    How Reddit Helped Me.

    Reddit is great for gaining new viewers, subscribers and people who have a shared interest. My subreddit which I love so much is /r/civ as I'm a Civilization fan and love to share my content there! My videos get quite a few views and occasionally I'll gain a new subscriber if I share my video in...
  15. UKHypnotist

    Curation Channels

    I know there are people here besides me who own multiple YouTube channels. For these people I have a couple of questions. First of all, have any of you ever founded a channel simply to be a one-stop aggregation of the content from your other channels (meaning playlists from every channel you...
  16. zaffron

    Tutorial increase traffic using StumbleUpon

    This video is a StumbleUpon tutorial in-which you will learn an overview about StumbleUpon social media website. What is StumbleUpon, is a common question asked by many youtubers. StumbleUpon provide a unique feature for each user which is known as stumbling button. Most bloggers used it in...
  17. O

    Keywords optimization

    Hi My channel is slowly moving forward but I want to boost it also in order to make a higher income per month I have posted a lot of videos so far but I am not getting any subs only views. So I tried looking for ways to up my traffic and I saw you can hire a professional to search for better...
  18. BookieBookie

    YouTube partnership = more views?

    Dear everyone, I just started out with my YouTube channel. It's about English literature and my mission statement is to encourage people to get into the classics, like Moby d**k and 1984 and such. (Unpopular subject, I know, but this is what I want to do.) Now, I'd love to reach out and be...
  19. IQguy

    Review/audit: Using the Force to Control BB-8 (with brainwave headset)

    Hi there, I'm a programmer at IBM, and I also occasionally help with social media. Another guy here made this awesome video: Use the The Force - Move a BB-8 with Your Mind: My concerns: This video is taking time to pick up steam in terms of views. Is there something we did wrong? What can we...
  20. GamingwithNick

    Tips to Getting Traffic

  21. Average Bars

    They're All The Same: a Rant about City Drivers.

    A rant about city drivers and the nature of road rage. Tell me what you guys think, whether it was entertaining or not and what needs work. I'm thinking about making this a series where I critique certain groups of people. The title of the series is supposed to edgy and invoke anger: I don't...
  22. GamingwithNick

    Larning SEO is #1

    SEO: Search Engine Optimization is something I picked up while making websites and blogs for people. Optimizing your content for search engines is the single most important thing you can do IMO. Aside from having quality content of course. YouTube is a search engine like GOOGLE, Bing, yahoo...
  23. WilBajamas

    Is It Better To Upload Videos At A Certain Time?

    Wasabi Peeps!! I've been wondering, is it better to upload a video at a certain time? I'm from Malaysia, and let's say if my target audience is USA/ America. And their time is exactly 12 hours different from Malaysia, for example : Malaysian time - 12pm ; USA Time - 12am. If I want to target the...