Tubebuddy NEVER works for me


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Dec 24, 2017
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bismarck, nd
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tube buddy is a tool its not a miracle. I find the ability to be able to see others statistics most usefull I wish it would show all the statistics you have available for your own video's on others but I still find it usefull for that.

in what I see tags play very little in search result rankings. your title and first 150 charters or so of your description has the biggest impact as well as channel/video statistics. tags may help in suggested rankings. witch is where most of my views come from anyway. but search results don't normally hit for me unless someone is looking specifically for what my video is about. playing with your description and title can really help in search result rankings. use a incognito browser and try to search for you video under different terms you think people will use to try to find it and you may find re-wording or even re arranging your title and description will gain you higher rankings.

also I don't pay for tube buddy I just use the free limited functionality version, they did give me a free expanded trial I didn't find it to be useful enough to pay for it.


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Jul 2, 2017
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1) I understand that tags have to be longer and I’m trying to think of the best tags but even when I use sentences they don’t rank I could sit for hours and every word I come up with is either bad or good but the competition is bad. Any tips on that?
As long as it ranks 75+ on TB, it should be a 'good' tag. IE., TB has done the calculations and even if the competition is high the search volume is higher, or if the search volume is low, there's almost no competition. My videos are a very different genre, but I've never found a topic I couldn't find 5+ high-rated tags for on TB. Try thinking of different words for the same thing, or different ways of phrasing a common question.

Having said all that, it looks to me like your videos are ranking for some decent (if overly generic) tags, so I wouldn't discount the value of TB. Keep in mind that search is only going to drive massive traffic if your video is highly relevant to a very common search term.

Search is important, but it's almost never the main source of growth for anything beside tutorial/education/DIY channels.

2) I thought the description was to describe the video 500 words is an essay
If you really can't think of anything else to say about the video, even including a rough transcript is better than nothing. Or imagine you just made a movie and you have to write the blurb for the back of the box. BTW, the post I'm quoting was 300 words so I know you can write more than two sentences :p

3) yeah I agree now that you said it. my titles are wack. Should I exaggerate?
I think your newer titles are pretty good. A little extra shock/intrigue never hurt.

4) I love my intro I thought a good intro was between 0:00 and 30 seconds. I honestly have been thinking of a new intro that is so hard. I might go back to the old one to be honest.
5) how do I exactly figure out why ppl are leaving my video early?
Analytics > Viewer Retention (go to specific video to see dropoff for that video).

6)idk if have checked but I changed the banner and I’m sure one can get what my channel is about by huge blunt.
Did you change your banner? 'Cause I like it a lot, actually. It's clean and punch and has personality. If your thumbnails could reflect that style more, actually, I think it would help you a lot.

8) I upload 1-3 videos every Saturday morning. I uploaded 2 cause that’s all I had recorded for that week. I have been uploading videos every week for a year straight the only consistency trouble I have is the actual time stamp that I will work on.
Definitely schedule a few days out so your videos don't drop too close together. If you could consistently do one particular weekday and one particular weekend that would probably work well for you.

Hope this is helpful in some way.
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