tubebuddy problems

  1. Fitness Buffhq

    Is Tubebuddy safe?

    I was just trying to add Tubebuddy. It asked for unusual permissions like having full access to my YouTube account, which will allow it to change any thing in my account like editing videos, so much so, even deleting videos, and so on. I am wondering why it need access for editing & deleting...
  2. Amber lynx

    Tubebuddy NEVER works for me

    I’ve had tubebuddy literally since it came out. I’ve payed for the services but I’m not getting the benefits of it when I use the tag explorer I never find tags that are ranked I could be looking for hours and not find one that is good across the whole board. Ppl say it help with seo but I find...
  3. Phil @ TubeBuddy

    Advertisement What is TubeBuddy and how can it help me on YouTube?

    Hey Gang, Phil from TubeBuddy here. You're probably seen our banners around the site before. We've spent the last 6 months building a really amazing tool for YouTubers that will save you time, get your videos discovered, help you connect with your audience and build your brand on YouTube. It's...