I'm doing it purely because I enjoy it. If the opportunity to actually earn decent money out of it is there then I don't really care so much how many subscribers or views per video I need, I'll take it with both hands :)
When I first began I had big dreams of getting popular and this and that. I think I realized over time that what's important about being a youtuber is simply being able to make a connection in a creative way. Promotion and demographics and what not can be thrilling if you start getting popular, but when that eclipses your desire to keep pushing yourself to try new things, have a real message, do something unique and out there, impress yourself and your audience, that's when channels tend to get more generic, boring, and sometimes even annoying. I've seen alot of people who promote promote promote, and when you watch their content it's like they just make it to have something to promote.

I think some people are perfectly happy with just that, they keep doing the same thing, churning out video after video, and watching their popularity rise because maybe they're just good looking, or maybe they've found a niche that a certain crowd wants to keep viewing, and when a person has that sort of luck, I can see why they'd want to keep going. But it also seems like a way to wind up fizzling out, because gimmicks usually have a shelf life, and no matter how much people love something if they keep getting it they will probably get bored with it at some point. So if you're not sitting on that firm foundation of a desire to connect, and keep yourself as entertained as your audience, you'll probably fizzle out at some point. If not by losing your audience, by just feeling bored with your own content.
I want billions of subscribers. Whatever the max amount of people that have youtube accounts is? I want that. I want more views on a single video than youtube's homepage.

Just being honest
Haha girl, I like your style... rofl
Except, what if I want all the views...
What then?
We gonna fight for it? Lol
Are we all just striving to reach for 1 million+ subscribes and once we actually reach it will it even matter? Or are we already in an endless cycle of always wanting more? I've learned that we are all in this YouTube thing together, I think everyone has something to give to this crazy world.

Do you all want to reach 1 Million subs or are you guys ok with just being on YouTube?

No need for one million subscribers. 10,000 subscribers are quite enough. For us, we are still happy because we have a passion for YouTube. We don't mind the number of views and the number of subscribers.
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On some level I think to be really successful you have to always want a little more, but it's even more important for you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

It's easy to get caught up in the performance aspect, because it is exciting when the views and revenue are rising, but you soon get used to the new level of performance and want more. What keeps you really going is liking what you're doing! If it's no fun, it's just work--even well-paid work is still work.
I'd just like 10K, but honestly my largest drive is making the ideas that have been in my head for decades. Other people getting enough enjoyment out of those ideas to subscribe is a wonderful bonus. 2015's been pretty incredible because I've had plenty of moments where I'm like, "Oh my gosh! I'm doing it, I'm finally animating the stuff I wish I could in the 90s and millennium-just like my imagination!"

But yeah, 10 K sub hype. 5k first though. :mstickle:
As you get about 100k subs and the views of these then i think you should see it as a work.And on many cases even on 10.000 subs. Always you try to be better.On life on our works is exactly the same.If you stop trying someone else will take your seat and your job.
As someone who has done theater for over 30 years and has lost money in the long run on it, but does it over and over again purely for the love of the art, I feel like YouTube is pretty much the same thing. I don't upload videos because I want to make this my full-time job. I have a wonderful full-time job that pays me well and I really love to do it. I also have a great bunch of hobbies to keep me occupied. However, this platform lets me put myself out there in a way that others can't, and I find the discipline of seeing what works and what doesn't in terms of content and promotion really fascinating. It also helps inform my work, in which I do a lot of things within social media platforms across multiple channels.

If I got a huge subscriber base, that would be really cool, but what I create is, let's face it, kind of narrow in focus and very taste-specific. The fact that anyone watches at all is pretty awesome, and my videos alone have gotten me more people watching what I've written and performed more than any of the plays I've written or produced ever have.