boyfriend girlfriend

  1. joannavlogs

    Boyfriend vs brother tag!

    Hey guys! We put my boyfriend (actually fiance) and brother up to the test to see who knows the most about me!
  2. Bobby and Emily

    The most amazing surprise ever :)

  3. Bobby and Emily

    Vlog Couple Collabs!!

    My boyfriend and I would love to collab with someone!! check us out and let us know if that would interest you! :)
  4. Bobby and Emily

    New Youtube Couple averaging 5 subscribers a day!

    Hey guys, recently we have been averaging 5 subscribers a day, is there any way I can increase that? I feel like we have good content, and more is coming. I have considered using youtube ads as a way but wanted to get your thoughts first.
  5. SaltyPeppers

    TIME, ENERGY and 1 Million Subs?

    Are we all just striving to reach for 1 million+ subscribes and once we actually reach it will it even matter? Or are we already in an endless cycle of always wanting more? I've learned that we are all in this YouTube thing together, I think everyone has something to give to this crazy world...