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Are we all just striving to reach for 1 million+ subscribes and once we actually reach it will it even matter? Or are we already in an endless cycle of always wanting more? I've learned that we are all in this YouTube thing together, I think everyone has something to give to this crazy world.

Do you all want to reach 1 Million subs or are you guys ok with just being on YouTube?
hmm. I think it would be cool to reach one million myself but seeing as I haven't even hit 100 yet, it is not exactly something I am aiming for right now. But yes I can see how it is a never ending cycle.

Also, I have gained a lot of my subscribers thorough yttalk. You might want to consider fixing your channel link (the red box) so you can get on the road to one million quicker.
I want billions of subscribers. Whatever the max amount of people that have youtube accounts is? I want that. I want more views on a single video than youtube's homepage.

Just being honest
Good content that helps peoples lives is worth its weight in gold and it worth "promoting".

If you are promoting for the sake of just promoting and you don't really know why...or for what...or if its just for views, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Some people who game for instance and are on youtube, do it so they can connect with other gamers and feel community.
Some people do it because they have a unique perspective on life.
And some are activists who believe in their cause.

If you are promoting just for promoting you are missing the point entirely. That is like working your whole life in a job you hate just to get fancy house before you die.
I'm not making videos because I want to reach subscriber goals, I'm much more focused on enjoying what I'm doing. But I think if I did reach a million subs I would still be focusing on making good videos that are fun to make and watch, rather than feeling like I've achieved the ultimate goal or anything like that. Not that I wouldn't be overjoyed about reaching a million!
Do I want 1 mill subs? If it happens sure but I don't think it's likely.
At this point I'd be happy for 100 subs. For me this is a hobby and not an intended career, I started because my friends got bored of me talking about makeup/beauty products and I wanted more interaction then vogue forum and the like so I decided to make videos to kind of connect with people who have similar interests in makeup.
Yes I am aiming for a least 100K subscribers on Youtube overall and have YouTube, making videos as a job in a couple years! :)