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The Real James T. Kirk
Oct 20, 2015
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Hey everyone! I'm James and I specialise mainly in gaming content! That said, I would LOVE to branch out into other genres but as I'm quite new I'm hoping to build up a core audience around my love of gaming and being silly for your entertainment!

I upload on a pretty regular basis (can expect videos every 2/3 days) with my main series currently being based in Rocket League! Next month I intend fully on stretching my arms out to Star Wars: Battlefront, Fallout 4 and maybe even FIFA!

If you fancy, you can check out a snippet of my content in the introduction and excerpts of my content down below and if you like what you see then please remember to like and get involved in the comments! All sorts of constructive feedback is welcome and I hope to see many of you soon! :D

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