The Subscriber Secret!


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Hey there! Its The Halfrican and today I want to discuss the Secret to getting more Subscribers!
Although I am a new YouTuber I have gained 40 Subscribers in just 7 days! The Secret to more Subscribers is actually fairly simple! You must first understand what a potential Subscriber is looking for in a great channel! The biggest and most IMPORTANT tip I can give is to make your channel look extremely polished and professional. Make sure that your Channel Art is clean and unique and your profile picture is as well! ALSO THIS IS SO SO IMPORTANT! Annotations in your videos are so important because as viewers we struggle to watch an entire video simply because we are constantly being engaged by outside sources. So put annotations within the first 30 seconds of your video which allows your viewer to click on it and go straight to a Subscribe link! This is a huge factor in gaining subscribers!
~The Halfrican
what does annotations means? Sorry just making a new channel hehehe. I'm not even familiar with the terms. Thanks
Thanks but I still can't understand. I'm really not that good in technology and am just watching some youtube videos. It's just my first time to make a channel of my own.. :) Even having a template is also so hard! hheehhe
When you see things like this on a YT video:

These are annotations.
Thanks for the advice Halfrican. I've been using a subscribe annotation in my videos (which are typically about one minute) at the end of the video. I'll try moving it towards the beginning. I was always a little concerned that people might find it obnoxious, but it can't hurt to give it a try.
I don't think I agree [LIKE THIS POST!] with your advice to put subscribe-annotations in the middle of the video. I think it's [LIKE THIS POST PLEASE!] distracting, it sounds like begging and personally [C'MON LIKE IT!] I'd never subscribe before having watched the whole video.
I see where you're coming from and actually for a while I refrained from it! But as viewers we don't watch videos with the intent to subscribe and I know personally the thought of subscribing never crosses my mind until I see an anotation for it on their video. But I definitely understand your points :)